Adventures With The TentBox Lite: Abi’s Top Tips 
Adventures With The TentBox Lite: Abi’s Top Tips 

Adventures With The TentBox Lite: Abi’s Top Tips 

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

As a British brand, we love seeing our TentBoxes travel the UK. With so many amazing places to explore, we’re spoilt for choice. Often the best places to explore are kept hush hush amongst travellers, and you have to be in the know to get access to them. This blog is all about sharing the best travel secrets with our community, so we’ve caught up with more TentBox owners to see where they’re travelling.

We asked TentBox owner Abi how she’s getting on with her TentBox Lite, and whether she can share her top tips and trips for other TentBox adventurers. Take a look at her favourite places to travel with her TentBox…

mountain covered in green leafed plant

What TentBox do you have?

I have the TentBox Lite in orange and black!

Why did you choose TentBox?

We wanted to create our little Peugeot partner van into a campervan and didn’t know how, and then TentBox came up as an advert on Instagram and we spontaneously bought it!

aerial photo of lake during sunset

What adventures have you been on with TentBox?

We travelled to Wales a few weeks ago and the first campsite we arrived at was magical. It was set right in the valley right next to a stream and was virtually empty. When we unpacked the TentBox which took us 15 mins maximum, added the fairy lights and made a fire, it looked so damn perfect that I nearly cried!

It was exactly what I wanted. All our electronic devices were on 1% battery, so we managed to take a few pictures of our setup, and then we were completely in the wilderness and away from contact for about 12 hours which was perfect. It did rain that night, but we opened up the sky light and we could see the stars which was awesome.

Another campsite we arrived at was basically a bog, and everywhere I tried to park I said to my boyfriend, the van is going to sink and the bloody TentBox is just going to be a regular tent. We eventually managed to find a good spot, and set up, and then the TentBox Lite was the talk of the campsite.

We had a little queue of people coming over to chat to us, ask questions, wanting to have a little look inside. We spent half our evening promoting the thing, even the campsite owner came down wanting to know more! A memorable question was “does it get cold because you’re higher up?” After they had just complained how cold they were on the ground. And we said “we don’t want to sound like we’re showing off..but the other night I was actually TOO hot, couldn’t have the sleeping bag on me!” We eventually got the hustle and bustle down and had our beans on toast made on a campfire whilst looking at the Snowdon mountains.

person standing on steeped mountain

What are your future plans with your TentBox?

We’re planning on completing the NC500 in August, and then when the world opens up again, we’re heading to Europe for a bit of mountain biking and lots of camping l!!

Any tips and tricks you’d be able to share with the TentBox community?

  • Buy all your camping bits gradually once you figure out what you need, if you don’t need a wok at home, you don’t need one when you’re camping ?
  • Keeping the side windows open slightly when you’re asleep helps with any condensation.
  • Buy some slip on shoes, they’re easier to put on and take off when you’re getting in and out of the tent.
  • Buy a portable fire pit!! Most campsites don’t want their grass burnt, and don’t always have a pit to rent, so take your own!

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