How TentBox Works

New to TentBox? Here you’ll find everything you need to get started on your TentBox adventure.

A 60 second intro to how TentBox works

Step 1: Find roof bars for your vehicle

You can get roof bars for any vehicle, even if there are no obvious fixing points!

There are 3 roof types, as shown below. Your vehicle will have one of these, and there will be bars to fit.

Where can I get roof bars from?

Contact Our Team and we'll send you a link to the perfect roof bars for your vehicle. Our product specialists are roof bar experts and will make this effortless for you.

Step 2: Vehicle suitability

There is a TentBox model for every car. The main consideration is your vehicle roof load capacity.

You can find your vehicle roof load capacity in your vehicle manual, or by contacting our team

The roof load capacity of your vehicle must be greater than the weight of the TentBox you’re putting on top.

By the way… a common misconception around roof loads:

Your listed vehicle roof load limit is for a dynamic load, which means the maximum recommended roof load whilst the vehicle is being driven. When your vehicle is stationary, your vehicle can take 5x more load weight - this is called the static load.

In other words, there is no need to worry about the added weight of people inside your TentBox, as they will only be inside when your vehicle is stationary!

There are a lot more forces applied on a vehicle whilst it’s being driven (breaking, turning, hitting bumps in the road), which is why there is such a big difference between the dynamic and static loads.

Contact us if you would like help with your vehicle roof load.

Step 3: Choosing your TentBox

With three models to choose from, working out which TentBox is right for you can be a little confusing. That's why we put together our handy comparison table to show all features side by side.

Contact us if you would like help understanding the differences between each model.

Compare Models

Other FAQs

Can I mount a TentBox on trailer?

Yes! Click here to see our article about mounting a TentBox on a trailer.

Can I mount a TentBox on Roof Rack?

Yes! Click here to see our article about mounting a TentBox on a roof rack.

Can I mount a TentBox on Pickup?

Yes! Click here to see our article about mounting a TentBox Lite on the bed of a truck. You can also mount it to the cab with the right roof bars or rack. Contact us if you need help with this.

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