TentBox Car Roof Tent on a Minivan
TentBox Car Roof Tent on a Minivan

TentBox Car Roof Tent on a Minivan

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
Jun 29, 2023

Here it is, a TentBox roof tent on top of a minivan, going on the adventure of a lifetime. This TentBox accompanied Jeremiah on many road trips and served him well due to its luxurious comfort and handy windows.

The TentBox is enjoying being able to stretch out whilst being popped up and feeling the freshness of the cool wind swirl around it underneath a clear blue sky.

Why Have a Minivan Tent?

A minivan is the perfect vehicle if you’re planning a road trip; it’s sleek, drives well, and large enough to hold everything you’d need for a memorable trip for all the right reasons. The TentBox fits perfectly atop the minivan, strapped in securely as you’re driving along enjoying the views.

You could safely park your minivan on top of a cliff with fantastic views without having to pay a penny as you sleep in your TentBox. You could go on a romantic getaway, away from the stress of day to day life and experience magic instead. You park up, explore the area to get a feel of your surroundings then night falls. This is the perfect moment to snuggle up under the duvet on the comfort of a luxurious memory foam mattress, looking out the window at all the beautiful stars dotted in the night sky. You can even have a flask of hot drink in one of the pouches for that extra cosiness. Come morning, you can repeat the process all over again in your TentBox on your minivan whilst watching the sunrise over the beautiful views in front of you and listening to the sounds of nature awakening.

You’ve also got the added perks of not being turfed out of a hotel room at silly o’clock in the morning. You’re your own boss, you can get up at whatever time you’d like, unless you’re in a rush to travel to your next destination in your minivan of course.

Everyone should get a TentBox on their minivan.

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