Pop-Up Car Tent

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

TentBox can deliver you a pop-up car tent that pops up within seconds! Not only can it pop up within seconds, but it can also stay atop your car as you are driving around! Our TentBox is the new revolutionary way to enjoy the great outdoors, whether it is a weekend away, or an exciting road trip, the TentBox is for you. Visit TentBox today to purchase your new pop-up TentBox.

What is a Pop-Up Car Tent?

Have you ever been on a camping trip where one of your buddies comes with this little tent that just pops up out of a bag? When you arrive at the campsite, they’re great, they’re up within seconds whilst everyone else is fiddling with pegs, guidelines and mallets to get their tents up. However, when it’s time to leave everyone will have packed up their tents whilst one poor soul is trying desperately to fit their pop-up tent back into the bag; they are not made to be quickly put away. What if you could get the benefits of the quick pop-up without the hassle of putting away? TentBox is proud to offer you a pop-up car tent; a tent that pops up within seconds and sits atop your roof!

Our pop-up car tent can be installed easily with our simple installation instructions, then once it’s installed, it can be erected within seconds. What makes it great over a traditional pop-up tent, is that it can just stay atop your car as you’re travelling. You don’t need to bother with taking it down, because can withstand the winds as you are blazing down the motorway. It can be simply deflated and flattened down, then put back up at your convenience.

Why Get a Car Roof Tent?

As previously mentioned, you can pop-up a car tent within a matter of seconds with the added bonus of not having to waste your time packing it away.
Comfort is an extremely important factor when you’re camping out in the wilderness; there’s nothing worse than getting no sleep because of the lumps and bumps that dig into your back. Getting a car roof tent through us means that you also get a memory foam mattress! All our tents come with an included memory foam mattress for superior comfort. With our memory foam mattress, you can lie back, relax and snuggle under the covers comfortably whilst letting go of any stress that you are carrying.

If you’re going on an extended adventure, you need to bring enough clothes and activities with you to have the most enjoyable experience. Therefore, you don’t want to take up your entire boot with a tent and all the tools that go with it. Our pop-up car tent will take up no room in your boot as it’s safely secured on the roof of your car. With this in place, you can fill your boot to the brim with everything you need to make your adventure a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

We may not all say it, but everyone wants to look cool, especially when it comes to the pride and joy of your car. Having a tent attached to the roof of your car will make you stand out over anyone else on the roads; it’s cool looking and completely different to anything that other people have. Having a TentBox strapped to your roof is bound to strike up a conversation with all sorts of individuals. You never know, you might make a friend for life over your amazing rooftop tent.

How Can I Get a Pop-Up Car Roof Tent?

To get your life changing pop-up car tent, it’s as easy as going to TentBox, selecting your desired tent and checking out. If you can’t afford to pay it all in one go, we offer instalment options; all at 0% interest. Additionally, if you would like to secure your TentBox, you can pay a deposit that can be refunded if you change your mind. We are always striving to make our customer experience as seamless as possible to ensure you are happy. If you have any more questions on the products we have on offer, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us via our contact form on our website, or email support@tentbox.com.

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