Myths of Roof Tent Camping
Myths of Roof Tent Camping

Myths of Roof Tent Camping

Last update by Oliver
May 23, 2023

Rooftop tent camping is a great option if you’re not a fan of ground camping as let’s face it, ground camping can be rather inconvenient and can cause a lot of problems, especially when camping in bad weather. However, those of you that are unaware of the wonderful world of roof tent camping, may be deterred as you may have heard many myths of roof tent camping.

These myths include…

It’s Dark Inside a Roof Tent

Roof tents are well-known for their insulating materials that keep the wind and rain out but the heat inside. Due to this, it’s only natural to believe that the roof tent would be dark as the fabrics being used for insulation must be thick. Whilst at times it can appear dark in a roof tent, it really isn’t a problem, and shouldn’t stop you from camping in one. Rooftop tents naturally have many windows to allow you to look up into the beautiful starlit sky whilst letting the moonlight seep into your tent; a feature that ground tents lack.

If you want your privacy as you’re relaxing in your roof tent, then you can still have plenty of light without using your windows! Many roof tents are cleverly designed to have a variety of storage options inside allowing you to weave fairy lights through, hang a lantern from one of the hooks or even have a light in one of the pockets which will emit a gentle light throughout your tent.

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the dark, it won’t be an issue with roof tent camping.

A Roof Tent is Complicated to Install

When you look at a roof tent with all the parts and the fact that it needs to go on your car roof, it can seem very daunting to people who aren’t DIY enthusiasts. Car roof tents are super easy to install, especially with the help of a friend and some detailed instructions. Furthermore, roof tents are substantially easier to set up than a ground tent is. It only takes 5 quick minutes to install a roof tent on your car and less than one minute to set it up when you’re ready to relax in it. Ground tents usually take a lot longer than this to set up and can simply be exhausting. Look at our video and discover how easy a roof tent can be to install.

They’re Hard to Drive With

Many people can be put off the prospect of getting a roof tent as they believe that driving with one can be dangerous and sharp corners can prove to be difficult. Whilst it is a fact that roof tents will add weight to your car which, consequently, may affect steering, it won’t prove difficult at all. There are many lightweight roof tents available that you will barely feel on your car. With some sturdy roof bars in place and a light, streamlined roof tent on top, you can cruise down the roads, almost forgetting that you have a tent on your roof!

Rainwater gets Collected on the Rainfly

Some people get concerned that water will collect on the rainfly where the tent slopes down. Whilst this may be true, you don’t have to worry about any of the water collating inside your tent. Firstly, you can get a car roof tent that is specially engineered from a waterproof material, so you can just push the water off when the rain stops. Secondly, there are many hard shell roof tents on the market now. The hard shell roof upon the top of the car roof tent is completely impermeable to rainwater; the rainwater simply just rolls off the roof, leaving no pools of water behind on top of your roof tent.

Roof tents have come a long way and you can now rest assured that you will remain dry all night long with a high-quality car roof tent.

So, whatever myths you have heard about roof tent camping, you shouldn’t let them deter you from experiencing roof tent camping yourself. You will be amazed by the fantastic experience roof tents provide and there will be no going back to any other way of camping.

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