Mini Countryman Roof Tent
Mini Countryman Roof Tent

Mini Countryman Roof Tent

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Do you have a Mini Countryman car that you need to leave at home when you go on camping trips? With the new Mini Countryman roof tent, you don’t need to borrow, hire or own more than your great little Mini Countryman. If you want to find out why carry on reading or go straight to TentBox and get your Mini Countryman roof tent today!

The not so New Mini Country Man Roof Tent

You may have seen the news all over the internet and in the papers about a brilliant ‘new invention’: the Mini Countryman roof tent for £2,400. Whilst this may be a new product for many companies, here at TentBox, we were already ahead of the game and cheaper!

We provide a Hard Shell and Soft Shell car roof tent that fits securely atop almost any vehicle. Our TentBox isn’t made for just a Mini Countryman, it’s versatile and if you decide to sell your Mini Countryman and get a new car, then our TentBox can fit on that too! Our TentBox ranges from a super low price of £1,250 to £1,950; you won’t find a cheaper or better Mini Countryman roof tent anywhere else.

So, What Exactly is a Mini Countryman Roof Tent?

Think of the Mini Countryman roof tent like a Mini Countryman roof box; it’s a box that simply straps onto the roof of your Mini Countryman. But, this isn’t just a regular box, it’s a box that’s designed to be popped-up and slept in! With a super sleek fibreglass shell that’s impermeable to rain and fabric walls that are rain proof and wind resistant, enjoy an alternative way to camp without having to worry about the weather. The Mini Countryman roof tent at TentBox is an affordable way to sleep almost anywhere in the wilderness. Not only is it a place to sleep, but you can enjoy a luxurious night’s sleep with an included memory foam mattress and a smooth surface with a spongey lining for added insulation.

Too many times people have had to give up their beloved Mini Countryman when they discover their love for the great outdoors and camping. Due to the small nature of the Mini Countryman, it isn’t a practical car to store all your camping gear in. With a Mini Countryman roof tent, you don’t need to worry about space being an issue as the tent with the bedding inside straps to the roof of your Mini and you can store all the entertainment and provisions that you need inside your Mini Countryman. Now you can enjoy your love for the outdoors and bring your Mini Countryman along. You’ve also got the bonus of looking stylish and standing out as there won’t be many other Mini Countryman’s with a tent strapped to its roof in the wilderness…

What else does this Roof Tent Offer?

The Mini Countryman roof tent at TentBox has so much more to offer than your standard tent. We’ve gone over protecting you from the wind and rain and offering a smooth surface for you to sleep on as it’s atop your Mini Countryman in addition to giving you more space in your vehicle, but did we mention how great it looks? It looks super cool and is bound to get you noticed on your camping holiday or road trip.

Wherever you are in the wilderness, insects will follow and will often join you within your bedding, which, let’s face it, is never a nice experience no matter how high your love for insects may be. As you’re sleeping above ground level in a Mini Countryman roof tent, it greatly reduces the chances of ground insects getting inside as they’d have to make their way up your Mini first. Additionally, the roof tent that we supply comes with fantastic fly screens to keep the flying insects out. If you’re camping in a place that sees wild animals often, then you can rest assured that you’re much safer above ground on your car.

The materials used to create the Mini Countryman roof box that we provide are also exceptionally high-quality materials which ensures the longevity and versatility of your roof tent.

Getting your Mini Countryman Roof Tent

If you want the best Mini Countryman roof tent at an affordable price, then visit TentBox and purchase yours today! We provide delivery to the whole of the UK and even offer a split payment plan over 12 months to allow you to enjoy your camping trip in as little as three days!

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