How to turn your Car into a Camper
How to turn your Car into a Camper

How to turn your Car into a Camper

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

A car is your best friend when you need to get from A to B and many people use their cars for other purposes too. Turning your car into a camper is a great idea for avid campers or for those of you with plans to go on a road trip. When you research ‘how to turn your car into a camper’ you’ll find many different suggestions. Some of them are cool looking but most of them are a lot of hassle and some are irreversible. What if there was a simple and affordable way to turn your car into a camper?

Turning your Car into a Camper

Whether you’re a newbie camper or a regular camper fed up with your ground tent, there is an ultimate way to camp… with a camper! No need to go and get yourself an overly priced camper when the solution is with the vehicle that you already own. Whether it’s an Estate, Hatchback, Jeep or even a mini, TentBox has a way that you can convert your car into a camper.

With our Soft Shell, Hard Shell and Cargo TentBox, there is a hassle-free solution for almost all vehicles out there! Start by getting two cross bars that are at least 80cm apart that run from right to left of your vehicle and attach them to the roof of your car. Once the cross bars are safely installed, it’s ready for your TentBox. Get your TentBox tent at an affordable price by visiting TentBox today!

Now you’ve got your car, cross bars and the TentBox which is everything you need. The TentBox comes will all fixtures and fittings to ensure a safe and secure installation of the TentBox to your vehicle. Grab a buddy and lift the TentBox onto the roof of your car and follow our easy installation instructions on TentBox. It’s so simple, that all you need to do is secure the TentBox in four different places onto the cross bars and it’s done!

This TentBox can come everywhere with you as it can withstand driving speeds of 70mph, giving you access to the motorways with your TentBox.

With so many ways to turn your car into a camper, why should you do it with a TentBox? Type in ‘how to turn your car into a camper’ into Google and you’ll be shown a variety of methods within videos that just look overly complicated. Take the boxes that turn your car into a camper; these boxes are supposed to be an all in one box that provides shower facilities, cooking facilities and can even convert into a variety of items such as tables and chairs. While these are quite cool, they don’t provide sleeping quarters and they look so overly complicated, that you’ll be fiddling around with the components trying to build a table for quite a while.

Next, you’ve got the option of putting a makeshift bed in the back of your car. This requires taking out your back seats and good carpentry skills to build a folding wood bed. Without the required carpentry skills, you might end up with splinters in your back from the bed caving in. Even perfectly executed, if you’re on the taller side, there’s no way to lie out straight and you’ve always got to keep switching your back car seats in and out after you’ve finished camping.

Turning your car into a camper with a TentBox is an easy, no fuss method that anyone can do. You don’t need to worry about building anything or tearing your car apart; you’ve got your ready-made TentBox on your roof that can be simply removed at any time. Having a TentBox atop your car is so simple as when it comes to sleep in it, it can be popped up within a matter of seconds, allowing you to enjoy your camping trip straight away! Turning your car into a camper with a TentBox means that you’ve got a comfy, smooth and warm place to sleep wherever you go. This means that you can store everything else that you need in the boot of your car to make your car camper your very own mobile home. Just pop-up your tent when needed wherever you are on your road trip or camping holiday. How cool and simple is that?

What About Having your Car the way it was Before?

Sticking a tent to the top of your car can seem like an extreme and daunting prospect and you may want to revert your car back to its original form (but we can assure you that you’d never want to get rid of the TentBox once you’ve experienced it). If you want to turn your camper back into a car, then you can simply remove the TentBox; it won’t damage your car or the TentBox. The same goes if you want to sell your car and upgrade to a new one. Your TentBox will turn any car into a camper as it fits on almost any vehicle!

So, to answer your question ‘how to turn your car into a camper? Simply pop a TentBox on top and you’ve got a cool and quirky camper that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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