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Hatchback Tent

Hatchback Tent

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May 23, 2023

Get your glorious hatchback tent right here at TentBox! Hatchbacks are great cars as they hold so much storage and they look great! But why should you use up this valuable storage space by shoving a tent in the boot! Imagine being able to take much better goods such as sports equipment, comfy chairs and bundles of duvet! Whatever you fancy, having a hatchback tent gives you the space you need in your car. Visit TentBox today for more information on our hatchback tents.

Camping with a Hatchback Tent

Whether you’re going on a road trip or camping, having a hatchback tent strapped to the top of your hatchback opens up a whole new door of fun and luxury. Think about what you take camping with you. Obviously the first essential is a tent; with all the pegs, poles and tools, these take up a large space in your boot. Then you’ve got your bedding which may be light, but they take up even more room and if you’re lucky, you might be able to get a couple of chairs and a picnic in there. What would you do if there was no tent or bedding in your boot?

A hatchback tent securely straps to the top of your car crossbars, even as you’re driving along. It can be erected within seconds and put back down again just as quickly! The great thing about it is that when packed away, it can store the memory foam mattress, as well as your pillows and duvets inside! This means no tent or bedding in your car! Meaning you now have the space for a large cool box, board games, table, chairs, rackets, balls, absolutely anything you may want to make your camping trip as fun as it can be!

If you’re taking your hatchback tent on a road trip, then you can pack many more essentials such as extra clothes and entertainment to keep you going along the way, and plenty of snacks!

Not just Extra Storage Space

You might not need the extra storage in your hatchback, especially if it’s just one or two of you, where you can take a smaller tent and use the back seats to store everything else you need. So, why would a hatchback tent appeal to you?

Firstly, it’s just so easy to camp with; it’s hassle-free to set up and pack away as the hatchback tent at TentBox comes with air assisted struts, so you’ve got much more time to enjoy your trip and you won’t be exhausted from battling with a tent.

Next, we’ve got superior comfort. All tents at TentBox come with an included memory foam mattress, so you can sleep in pure comfort. The TentBox even includes a layer of sponge insulation to keep you warm and gives the hatchback tent a cosy feeling. What’s more, is that being on top of your hatchback means that you avoid rolling around all night on the solid ground trying to find a comfortable position to sleep in. You will never sleep as well camping then you would in a TentBox on your hatchback.

Do you hate bugs? Even if you like bugs, I doubt you enjoy sleeping with them as they bite and itch; one of the more unpleasant experiences of sleeping in the wilderness. Many of the bugs are critters that roam the grassy floors of campsites and they squeeze themselves into your tent for warmth and food. Being on your hatchback, you’re naturally high off the ground which greatly reduces the chances of your tent housing bugs.

Your hatchback tent provides superior protection from those unfortunate nights where the clouds unexpectedly pour heavy rain. The rain will slide off the roof and down your vehicle instead of there being a pool of water underneath your tent which could seep through as it gets bigger.

There are so many great things that come with a TentBox on your hatchback; take the plunge and find out for yourself.

Getting your Hatchback Tent

Whether you want Soft Shell or Hard Shell, our TentBox is the ultimate tent for all Hatchbacks. You can find our selection of hatchback tents on TentBox where the option of split payments is also available.

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