Explore Further with a Roof Tent for your 4x4
Explore Further with a Roof Tent for your 4x4

Explore Further with a Roof Tent for your 4x4

Last update by Oliver
Jun 29, 2023

Roof Tents Make Long trips In a 4×4 Easy

Venturing into the countryside or less well-known roads in a 4×4 can be a fun experience. 4×4 cars have tough wheels and suspension to be able to cope with the adventures you take. But exploring can be cut short when night falls and you must return to accommodation to sleep. This inconvenience is solved with TentBox. Simply attach one of our easy to set up tents to your car roof and you have a portable sleeping space.

When on a long journey this roof tent will be a convenient place to spend the night and when you need rest. The car roof tent is easy to set up so you won’t be spending precious time trying to fit poles together before you can sleep. Instead you can quickly set up your car roof tent and sleep easily on an extremely comfortable foam mattress and well insulated and protected tent.

A long trip can involve large amounts of equipment and luggage that reduces space in your 4×4. A tent that attaches to your car roof eliminates the need to take pack a tent for long trips, freeing up space for other essentials. Longer trips can be wonderful but having the reassurance of a tent that is waterproof and off the ground makes returning from exploring more comfortable. With this secure tent you will be able to rest easily and have more energy for your trip.

TentBox Expands your Horizons

Your car roof tent gives you the opportunity to spend the night is some truly wild and beautiful locations. You can experience the night away from light and sounds pollution and watch the sun rise all from the comfort of your roof tent. Being raised off the floor the roof tent offers more comfort and security from the elements. While taking a conventional tent with you can still offer you camping in the wilderness it does not come with the same level of ease and protection that TentBox’s range of popup roof tents do.

Our Hard Shell, Soft Shell and Cargo roof tents are all made of quality material that makes the tent able to handle harsh weather conditions. Meaning that no matter where you decide to go exploring your roof tent can handle as much as you can. The easy to set up tents attach to your 4×4 car roof so you are elevated from a wet, rocky or marshy ground that could affect your comfort. Exploration of the natural world can mean making a lot of comfort sacrifices but TentBox limits this and enables you to rest well before continuing your travels.

The car roof tents thay TentBox offers fit onto most vehicles, including 4×4 to enable as many people as possible to turn their car into a motorhome. We have a thriving community of individuals who use TentBox to travel easily and in comfort. There will be no holding you back once you have equipped your 4×4 with a roof tent. TentBox also offer finance options on our rooftop tent so don’t be put off your 4×4 roof tent because of budget concerns.

Get in contact with TentBox today to discuss your roof top tent. Browse our products for more information about the TentBox pop up tent and have a look at our community’s photos for inspiration for your next adventure.

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