Defender 90 Roof Tent
Defender 90 Roof Tent

Defender 90 Roof Tent

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

The Defender 90, what an amazing vehicle you have that can accomplish so much. It’s practical for country driving and most drivers customise their Defender 90s with sleek paintwork that is bound to catch attention. Here at TentBox, we’re offering you the Defender 90 roof tent, a tent that can only enhance your Defender experience. Continue reading for more information or go straight to Tentbox and get yours now!

The Defender 90 Roof Tent at TentBox

First off, hats off to you for owning such a fantastic vehicle that broadens your horizons of where you can travel to in a car. Secondly, if you haven’t already got one, can I convince you to get a Defender 90 roof tent?

This roof tent is a car roof tent that is the perfect companion for any Defender vehicle. Just from owning a Defender vehicle, I can tell that you’re someone who likes to trail the countryside and mountainsides before parking up, exploring on land and then pitching your tent up to sleep in the peaceful bliss of being away from the noises of the city. What if we can offer you a better way to experience an adventure that creates envy in all other adventurers?

The Defender 90 roof tent is a tent that is securely strapped to the roof of your Defender. Don’t think of a flimsy tent that flaps in the wind as you’re driving along, think of an extra-large, cool looking surfboard shape that is sleek and streamlined. This surfboard shaped tent remains a compact box when you’re driving but becomes a fully erected tent when you’re stationary. Don’t worry, it’s not automated to unexpectedly pop-up when you turn your engine off in the middle of traffic; you simply unhook the straps when you want your tent, and you can watch as the gas-assisted struts erect your tent within a couple of seconds. How cool is that?

This Hard Shell roof tent at TentBox is revolutionary within the car roof tent market and it’s impermeable to rainwater and is highly resistant to wind, which means that you can take it with you on many hilly terrains without any issues.

Do you need any more convincing?

What you can Experience with a Car Roof Tent

A Defender 90 roof tent is better than any other tent on the market as it can offer you:

  • Simple setup– No more battling with all the parts of a ground tent, which is far too frustrating when you’re experiencing an adventure with your Defender 90. The Defender rooftop tent makes sleeping just as easy as driving.
  • Defence against nature – Allow your Defender 90 roof tent to be your first line of defence against those critters that you can’t seem to escape from. You’ll be sleeping on top of your Defender 90, so your uninvited guests must battle against your Defender and your tent before they can get to you, instead of being easy prey on the floor with a ground tent.
  • A comfortable night’s sleep – Guess what? You don’t have to search for a nice grassy area or a flat bit of land for you to sleep on; the roof of your car is always flat for a smooth night’s sleep. Our Defender tent also comes equipped with a spongy lining and a memory foam mattress. Who said camping is always uncomfortable?
  • A warm and dry night– The fabric and roof are designed to keep the wind and rain out, and the warmth inside with its insulation lining.
  • Long-lasting materials– Forget about getting a new tent every year as the cheap materials begin to fray, this Defender 90 roof tent is built to last through all your adventures with its rip-stop poly-cotton canvas.
  • 2-year warranty – You can relax knowing that all parts of your tent are covered for 2 years.
  • Plenty of storage – With so many different pockets, compartments, hooks and nets, you can create your own cosy room with a place for everything inside this tent.

You won’t find another tent on the market that can offer you as much as our TentBox can.

Getting your New Defender 90 Roof Tent

If you love adventuring, then the prospect of this roof tent probably sounds amazing for you and will help you and your Defender create the best memories as you’re out exploring. However, there’s probably that voice in the back of your head worried about how you’re going to afford it; don’t worry, TentBox has got you covered! We offer financial assistance which allows you to pay affordable monthly payments for your Defender 90 roof tent. What’s even better? It’s at 0% APR, so you’re not paying any extra costs. Visit TentBox and order your car roof tent today, you won’t regret it.

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