Day Tripping with a Roof Top Tent
Day Tripping with a Roof Top Tent

Day Tripping with a Roof Top Tent

Last update by Oliver
May 23, 2023

Here at Tentbox we thought it would be a great idea to run through tips and tricks we have uncovered for a day trip with a roof tent. Whether you own a rooftop tent or are considering getting one this article will give you a feel of day travel with car tent camping.

Setting Off in the Morning

If you’re at a campsite don’t forget to leave a market out at the campsite to hold your spot. Especially if it’s a great one! Folding down your Tentbox is straight forward and you are able to get going quickly! Don’t forget that there may be additional storage available for you to store your bedding with the tent poles within your Tentbox. Contact us for further information on whether this is possible with the model that you own.

Car Parking

As the Tentbox folds down into a conventional carrier there is no need to worry about your tent when parking. And the great thing is that you’ve got a lot more space than a traditional campervan as your bed is on top of your car, neatly folded down. This is also one of the primary differences between Tentbox and a more traditional rooftop tent. Either way you will need to remember that there will be a new height difference to your vehicle after attachment. Please find more details in the Tentbox specifications.

Camping During the Evening

Owning a rooftop tent allows you to be spontaneous with your travel. If you decide to hitch up in the evening after a long day trip out, it allows you to rest up and continue your adventure on to the next day. You will certainly stand out from the crowd at the campsite but make sure that there are no additional charges for a roof top tent. Most camp sites charge a standard fee to take a roof top tent.

As well as this you may be surprised as to where you are allowed to camp. Many explorers have hitched up in car parks, though this is more common in the US.

There are many ways to make your Tentbox more comfortable and additional bedding alongside LED lights make your car camping experience similar to a conventional camping trip.

Share your Tentbox Story

Here at Tentbox we would love to hear about your day trips and rooftop tent camping experiences. Send us a snapshot of your day or send through tips and tricks you have discovered whilst day tripping with your rooftop tent. Share your photos and stories with us on Facebook and , we’re looking forward to seeing your adventures!

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