Car Tent Camping
Car Tent Camping

Car Tent Camping

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Car tent camping is a modern method of camping to deliver you the best enjoyment, practicality and an experience that you’ll never forget. Camping with a car tent couldn’t be easier with our revolutionary TentBox that everyone can enjoy. Browse TentBox for more information on our car tents.

Experiencing Car Tent Camping

Getting a car tent when you go camping will give you the best camping experience you’ve ever had. But why? Having a tent strapped to the roof of your car can give you a seamless camping experience which cuts out the negative aspects of camping in the great outdoors.

Have you ever been camping and had it pour with rain which then seeps into your tent from the bottom? Experiencing car tent camping means you can have a dry tent all night long! As the tent is secured atop the roof of your car, the rain will just slide down your tent onto the ground beneath you. Furthermore, the material of our TentBox is waterproof, meaning you don’t have to worry about heavy rain seeping into your tent through the sides; you can relax and snuggle up under the duvet remaining warm and dry!

Whether it is wet, dry, hot or cold, you get all sorts of bugs that are desperate to get into your tent. Just unzipping your tent once can invite a flurry of insects to join you which not even bug lovers want. When you go car tent camping, you can reduce the chances of this drastically as you’re high up above the ground!

One of the best experiences of car tent camping is the hassle-free camping trip! When you arrive at the campsite, you’ve got the dreaded set up of your tent with the endless pegs and guidelines that take up valuable time of your vacation. Imagine not having to do this? With our pop-up car tent, it does exactly what it says; pop up! You just unhook the straps, and it pops up in just a few seconds for you to enjoy your camping experience right away!

Road Trip Camping With a Car Tent

Going on the road for a long time can become very expensive, which is why more and more people are deciding to take a tent with them over paying for many hotel rooms. This way, you can enjoy your road trip for longer and at a fraction of the price! What many people don’t realise, is that they can enhance their road trip even further with a car tent! You can go on the road with your tent strapped to your roof and be able to enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep along the way.

Our Car Tents

You’ve decided that you want to experience car tent camping but what tent is the right choice for you? Here at TentBox, we supply two different types of car tents:

Soft Shell Tent – Our Soft Shell rooftop tents are perfect for any car as they weigh only 50kg; one of the lightest rooftop car tents on the market! This is great for any family who are avid campers and want to enjoy a weekend away. It comes with a gas assisted mechanism which can pop up the tent in seconds! If you’re looking for an affordable, light car tent, then our Soft Shell is the perfect fit for you.

Hard Shell Tent – Our Hard Shell tent is our most popular car tent. It fits two, is sleek and has a super strong fibre-glass shell to protect you from wind and rain. It weighs just 64.5kg, therefore, it can fit on almost any car. This tent is a perfect choice if you want to take a road trip and go car tent camping.

All our tents come with an included memory foam mattress in addition to a ladder for safe access onto your car roof tent.

Additionally, you can find replacement parts on our website if you ever need any spares.

Getting Set Up For Camping

Getting a car tent is simple; you can view all our products on TentBox with simple ordering. To help you cover costs, we offer a 0% payment plan over the year. Additionally, as our products are so popular, we advise you place a deposit to secure your TentBox; this deposit can be fully refunded if you change your mind! If you need any more information on car tent camping, visit TentBox today.

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