Car Camping
Car Camping

Car Camping

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

TentBox can offer you a superior way to camp… car camping! You can get the ultimate tent strapped to the roof of your car, hassle-free, without any inconvenience. Visit TentBox for more information.

Car Camping with a TentBox

Car camping? Most camping experiences start with a car journey because let’s face it, most of us aren’t lucky enough to live next to beautiful camping sites that are walking distance away. There are also many narrow countryside roads that are hard to get through in a big campervan. So, if you’re going to take your car, why not make the most out of it?

Don’t bother packing the nonsense ground tents that are more hassle than they’re worth as TentBox can offer you a much better way… car camping with a TentBox! Our TentBox can become your best friend along with your car taking you on your journey. The TentBox is a tent that straps to the roof of your car and no, you don’t need to worry about unstrapping it when you reach your destination as it stays on the roof of your car throughout your whole trip! Yes, this means the WHOLE trip, even sleeping inside the TentBox on your car roof…

TentBox Lite on car for camping

TentBox Car Camping vs Campervans

I know we’ve previously mentioned the narrow roads that campervans can’t fit through which your car can, but why else should you go car camping with a TentBox over campervans?

If you already drive, you’re not going to pay any extra for your car and you can take it everywhere with you; all you need to pay for is the TentBox which starts from a mere £1250 for ultimate comfort! With a campervan, it’s not efficient to take everywhere with you as it’s big and will eat fuel, so you’re most likely to own a car and a campervan, where are you going to put the campervan without blocking your drive? You’ve also got the fact that a proper campervan will cost you tens of thousands of pounds which is a lot higher than you’d pay for car camping. Yes, many campervans will come with a kitchen that you can cook food on, but you can fit your own portable cookers and snacky food in your car. You could even go caveman style and cook food on a fire for a memorable experience!

Car camping is interchangeable. Once your car has had its last journey, it’s time to go car camping with a new and improved version. You’ve said goodbye to one of your travelling companions, but you don’t have to say goodbye to your TentBox; you can unstrap it from the old car and simply strap it onto the new one! With a campervan, sadly, it’s just not that easy and you’re more than likely to get everything entirely new again, costing you a lot of money again. You can even lend your TentBox to a friend or family easily but with a campervan, the correct paperwork needs to be in place.

Car Camping vs Ground Camping

You know that you need to take your car on your camping journey, but why choose car camping over a regular ground camping experience?

Ground tents can be a real struggle to pitch up with the ropes and pegs and when you’re trying to avoid mud lumps and squelching patches, it can take a good chunk of your time just setting up. What if you could set up by simply unhooking a couple of straps in 30 seconds? You can by car camping in our TentBox! Not to mention the nice, smooth and even surface that you can sleep on which is also dry, might I add.

There’s lots of equipment needed with your ground tent which takes up a considerable amount of space in your car. When you go car camping, all the space in your car is free to fill up with what you please, so stock up on entertainment and provisions and enjoy your car camping trip! You can also avoid the critters along the grass bed as you’re on your vehicle, not to mention the space you have available to stand up (1 metre). When you stand up in ground tents your head tends to hit the netting above very quickly which is usually wet with condensation; you won’t have that problem with car camping!

Going Car Camping

Car camping is just superior in so many ways over ground tent camping and camping in campervans. Whether you want a simple weekend away or you’re planning a road trip, car camping will ensure that you have a fantastic experience. To turn your car into a camper, visit TentBox today!

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