Camping in the Winter Tips
Camping in the Winter Tips

Camping in the Winter Tips

Last update by Oliver
May 23, 2023

We’ve had a fantastic summer in the UK this year with record-breaking temperatures and bank holidays that have seen people flood to the beaches. With summer coming to an end, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your camping adventures; we have collated a list of tips to make camping in the winter an enjoyable experience.

Layers Underneath

It’s human nature to pile on the layers when we get cold and often, people will bring several duvets to sleep under in the winter, however, many people forget a very crucial element; much of your heat is lost through the surface beneath you as the cold surface absorbs the heat from your body. Having a good roll mat, thick duvet or an air mattress underneath you are essential in keeping warm.

Take the Right Sized Tent and Sleeping Bag

When it comes to winter, size really does matter. Sleeping bags are made to absorb your heat and trap it inside to provide insulation. Now imagine if you’ve got a large sleeping bag, it would require a lot of warmth to fully insulate it, the same goes for a big tent; you want a cosy 1 or 2 man tent, not a large family-sized tent as there won’t be enough bodies to heat it up, so smaller is always best in the colder months.

Sleep Together

You may like your space when sleeping but if you’re a couple going on a camping trip, it’s always best to snuggle up tightly in the same sleeping bag and a cosy two-man tent. The winter is always a great opportunity to cosy up to the one your love and drifting off to sleep together. If you’re a family, try to get as many bodies that’s comfortable into one tent.

Don’t Sleep in all your Clothes

It’s natural to wear thick pyjamas in the winter, and whilst this is perfectly ok and highly recommended, don’t put on all your layers such as fleeces and jackets; wear the least amount of clothing that’s comfortable. If you wear all your clothes, when you unzip yourself from your warm paradise inside your tent, you’ll be hit by the sting of the cold outside and you’ll have no extra layers to put on to get warm. If you’re in minimal clothing, you get to pile on all the layers you have until you’re feeling warm outside.

Don’t put your Head Underneath your Sleeping Bag

As the cold creeps in, you may want to retreat inside your sleeping bag and cocoon yourself in warmth. However, you should always leave your mouth and nose outside your sleeping bag. The moisture in your breath will start condensing inside your sleeping bag, making it damp which hinders its insulation effects and ultimately, makes you colder.

Gas Stove

Bringing a gas stove that creates a gentle flame is always a must. By being able to make a hot cup of tea or whip up a hot meal that you can nibble on can make all the difference in helping you stay warm. Additionally, if lighting a fire is a safety hazard with your surroundings, you’ve always got the gas stove to huddle over to warm up.

The Right Gear

If you’re camping in the middle of a snowstorm, the last thing you want is to get stuck. Bring the right gear with you such as a shovel and ski poles as these can help you get out of a sticky situation. And always bring more provisions then you need just as a precaution. Make sure you have enough light with you such as torches and lanterns as darkness looms in the early evening during the winter months.

Hats and Gloves

Naturally, you’re going to wear hats and gloves when you’re out and about, but they’re great for sleeping too. If you’re following our tips, you’ll know to keep your head outside of your sleeping bag, but your head is also a place where you lose much of your heat. Bring a comfortable woolly hat or beanie to keep your head warm during the night. Additionally, if you want to give your sleeping bag that extra level of warmth, chuck in some hand warmers just before you go to bed.

Remain on the Grid

Many campsites close for winter, meaning that your options are to camp in the wilderness. This is your opportunity to camp almost anywhere you desire with some breath-taking views or explore what nature has to offer you underneath the treetops. However, make sure you know exactly where you are or camp close to civilisation, so you know where to find help if the need arises.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead for your camping experience. Prepare for the worst weather, so there are no surprises. Even if it’s not too cold during the night, bring your shoes inside and turn your stove fuel and water upside down to stop them from freezing up and becoming unusable in the morning.

Camping in the winter with a TentBox

So, here you have it, just a few tips to help you get through camping in the winter. Just by following a few simple steps, the cold weather doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying a fantastic adventure in the wilderness. However, to provide you with extract assistance and warmth in the colder months, our TentBox is one of the best tents to see you through camping in the winter. It’s the perfect size to keep two adventurers warm, you can pitch it up almost anywhere all-year round and our TentBox comes with an insulation layer and a memory foam mattress, meaning you won’t lose the precious heat from beneath you.

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