Camper Van Tent
Camper Van Tent

Camper Van Tent

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May 23, 2023

Having a big family can be a real struggle when you go camping as you need lots of tents and it becomes expensive as you must pay for each tent. A camper van is a good solution but what if it’s still not enough room? A camper van tent sits atop the camper van itself, so you don’t have to pay for any extra room! Visit TentBox for more information on our roof tents.

What is a Camper Van Tent?

A camper van tent is a tent that is installed on top of your camper van. But why do you need a tent for your camper van when you can camp within your camper van? A camper van can only fit so many people and when you’re going away with friends or need to accommodate a large family, you may not all be able to fit inside one camper van, so how do you resolve this? By having a TentBox on the roof of course! The TentBox is what it says on the tin; a tent that is shaped like a box! It can fit atop almost any vehicle that has roof bars installed, it stays securely in position as you’re driving along the road and can pop-up within seconds when you need to sleep in it for superior comfort and a great night’s sleep.

Uses For a Camper Van Tent

Your camper van is the perfect vehicle if there is a large group of you going on a road trip or going camping for a period. However, getting a camper van tent can provide you with an even greater experience.

You’re a large family or a group of friends going camping. You bring your camper van and a tent with you and pitch both up, the manager of the campsite comes over and forces you to pay more money for all the space that you’re taking up which you weren’t expecting. A camper van tent sits on top of the camper van; therefore, you’re not taking up any extra space in the campsite which will bring the costs down massively if you’re avid campers.

It may be hard deciding who sleeps in the camper van and who sleeps in the tent on the hard, uneven floor, especially when its horrible weather and it can make even the closest of family and friends fall out. The luxury of being in a TentBox atop the camper van is that you will be sleeping on an even, dry surface – solving all the arguments. Furthermore, all our Tentbox’s come with an included memory foam mattress to offer you luxurious comfort inside your tent. The material of the TentBox can even withstand high winds and rain to ensure that you have a good night’s sleep.

Many people travel in their camper van when they’re going on a road trip as it can offer you the superior way to sleep without you having to pay any money for hotels along the way. However, being cooped up in a camper van all day and night can be frustrating, especially when you’re in a beautiful place where the scenery is begging to be enjoyed. Imagine a starry, warm night on a clifftop overlooking a gorgeous view; you can climb into your camper van tent and unzip the window. Inhale that fresh air as you dangle your legs over the edge and enjoy the perfect night sky without being cooped up in a tiny bed within a tiny room in your camper van. Then if it gets cold, you can just go inside again. It’s a win-win all around.

Getting a camper van tent will open a whole load of new experiences whether you’re taking a road trip, or going camping, you’ll never look back once you get one.

Getting Your Camper Van Roof Tent

If you would like to get the ultimate tent for your travels, then visit TentBox where you can see our Soft Shell and Hard Shell tents that we have available. All tents can be paid in split payments monthly over the course of one year to ensure they are affordable. If you would like to secure one of our tents, you can play a refundable deposit on TentBox today.

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