Best Rooftop Tent
Best Rooftop Tent

Best Rooftop Tent

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

If you’re looking for the best rooftop tent, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at TentBox, we wanted to turn everyone into an avid camper and show how amazing the great outdoors can be. We have a revolutionary car rooftop tent that pops-up within seconds, is comfortable, keeps you warm and protects you from the wind and rain as you enjoy a good night’s sleep. Our TentBox really is the best rooftop tent available in the UK. Visit TentBox for more information.

Best Rooftop Tent in The UK

Our TentBox is a one of a kind rooftop tent available in the UK. All you need is some bars installed on the top of your vehicle and you’ve got everything you need to have a TentBox on the roof of your car. Our rooftop tent fits almost any vehicle and can be strapped securely to the roof of your vehicle on the bars. Once it’s securely strapped in, you can drive down the motorway at high speeds with your rooftop tent still strapped on.

As you park your car at a campsite, or by a lake for some chill and fun time, that’s where the magic can begin. Simply unhook the straps, and our rooftop tent will pop up by itself with air assisted struts in mere seconds! Once it’s popped up, it’s a cool looking box shape with many windows and doors for you to easily get in and out from either side of your vehicle by mounting the ladder that we provide for you. The great thing about the windows is that they can be easily sealed, stopping any air getting in on a cold day but can be opened when you want the sunshine to beam through or you’re overlooking one of earth’s natural, beautiful sights.

The material of all our TextBox’s is just one in many reasons as to why it’s the best rooftop tent in the UK. It’s wind and rainproof which ensures that you can stay warm and dry all night long whilst the air inside the TentBox is breathable.

The best rooftop tent comes with an included memory foam mattress for superior comfort.

Why Get a Rooftop Tent Over a Ground Tent?

Even though TentBox can provide you with the best rooftop tent, you may be thinking why should you get a rooftop tent in the first place?

A clear advantage to a rooftop tent over a ground tent is the smooth surface that you get to sleep on. When you’re out camping in the wilderness or a campsite, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get a smooth patch of ground which can become a nuisance overnight. With a rooftop tent, you’re guaranteed to be on a smooth surface as you’re on the roof of your car.

With ground tents, you’ve got all that time to set it up with the guy lines and putting pegs in with a mallet; a lot of hard work, not to mention how hard it is to roll your tent up at the end and getting it to fit into the little bag it came in. Our best rooftop tent simply pops up without any effort on your part and you’re good to go.

Bugs and critters are unavoidable when you’re camping in the wilderness, no matter how hard you try, they just crawl their way through into your tent. This is one of the more unfortunate aspects of camping. However, rooftop tents greatly reduce the number of bugs you get in your tent, this is because you’re high above the ground!

Rooftop tents keep you dry, especially your best rooftop tent at TentBox. Ground tents tend to let water seep in through the bottom on rainy days and water even gathers at the top and can eventually start dripping through. Rainwater will just slide down the sides of our rooftop tent and because you’re above ground, you won’t get a collection of water at the bottom of your tent.

Getting The Best Rooftop Tent

If you’re interested in getting the best rooftop tent in the UK, then TentBox has got you covered. You can get a rooftop tent from us that you pay in split payments over the year to give you flexibility in your payment plan. You can even secure a TentBox with a deposit that can be completely refunded if you change your mind! Visit TentBox to receive your car roof tent.

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