Find Out About the Best Pop Up Tent on the Market
Find Out About the Best Pop Up Tent on the Market

Find Out About the Best Pop Up Tent on the Market

Last update by Oliver
Jun 29, 2023

Camping is one of the best experiences; it’s a chance for you to spend the night underneath the stars, with miles of wilderness to explore and if you go wild camping, there will be no one around to bother you. When it comes to starting your camping adventure, nothing beats having the best pop up tent available which you can hop into within mere seconds. Here at TentBox, we believe that we can offer you one of the best pop up tents on the market.

A Stress-Free Experience with a Pop Up Tent

Camping is a wonderful experience that many people can enjoy, but only once you’re set up. There’s nothing worse than battling with a tent for half an hour trying to set it up, especially in the rain. Many people are deterred from camping due to the prospect of setting up the tent; it can be very exhausting after a long journey. However, here at TentBox, we have responded to your needs and wants by developing one of the best pop up tents on the market! This pop up tent is revolutionary as it can be popped up within a mere thirty seconds, meaning that you can lie back and relax almost straight away after your long journey.

What Makes TentBox Better than Other Pop Up Tents?

As previously mentioned, pop up tents are fantastic as they can greatly reduce your set up times for camping. However, whilst pop up tents have mastered the art of reducing set up times, they can still take just as long to pack up, sometimes longer until you’ve mastered it; this is where the TentBox excels.

Our TentBox is a pop up tent that takes thirty seconds to set up and only thirty seconds to put back down! So, when you’re exhausted from your action-packed camping adventure, you don’t need to worry about trying to pack your tent away as our TentBox simply just folds down easily! What else can our best pop up tent offer?

What makes our TentBox different from other pop up tents is that it’s strapped to the roof of your car! It may sound like a strange concept if you have never seen one before, however, it makes camping much more practical than with traditional ground tents. This is due to:

  • Being high above the ground – Being on your car roof brings many advantages to your camping adventure. Firstly, you’re high above the ground, therefore, you’re naturally more likely to sleep better. Secondly, the chances of waking up to an uninvited guest whether it be a rodent, insect or even a bear (country dependent) are greatly reduced as it’s much harder for them to reach you high off the ground. Thirdly, you’re guaranteed to have a smooth night’s sleep as the surface of your vehicle is flat, unlike lumps and bumps that can be found on the ground. Lastly, you won’t wake up to a puddle of water on wet nights as the water will simply roll down from your roof instead of being absorbed from the earth beneath you.
  • Impermeable Roof – Our TentBox is available in either Hard Shell or Soft Shell and our Hard Shell version is supplied with a roof that is impermeable to rain, ensuring that you never get woken up from rain seeping through your roof.
  • Memory Foam Mattress – Many roof tents have a memory foam mattress built-in as standard and our TentBox is no different. You can enjoy a cushiony mattress all night long as you snuggle under your duvet in the warmth.
  • Waterproof and wind-resistant materials – The walls of the TentBox are created using 320gsm rip-stop poly-cotton canvas, meaning that they are waterproof, wind-resistant and much thicker than your average tent, aiding in keeping the TentBox warm.
  • Plenty of leg space – Our TentBox is designed to sleep two people comfortably that there is plenty of space for your legs, your bags and even a dog!
  • Plenty of storage – Our best pop up tent is cleverly designed to make your tent feel like a bedroom. Our TentBox has a variety of different storage options such as pockets, hooks and netting, ensuring that you can safely store electronic devices, hang up jackets and even weave fairy lights through the netting above you. Additionally, you can store all your bedding in our TentBox when it’s packed away, resulting in much more free space in your car.

Adventuring with the Best Pop Up Tent

Camping with our TentBox will ensure that you have the best experience possible, as not only is it great for camping, but it makes for a brilliant road trip partner as your tent is securely strapped to the roof of your car and easily pops up when you’re ready to sleep for the night. Visit TentBox and get the best pop up tent today!

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