Are Rooftop Tents Safe?
Are Rooftop Tents Safe?

Are Rooftop Tents Safe?

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

The short answer is yes. Roof tents for cars are very safe, and make perfect travel companions when you’re making a road trip. With a rooftop tent you can travel wherever you like with the tent on your roof, travelling at speeds of up to 70mph on the motorway!

Despite all of the amazing benefits, many people worry that rooftop tents could harm their car, their luggage and themselves however the reality is that rooftop tents are often much safer than ordinary ground tents.

We’re taking a look at the top reasons that rooftop tents are very safe, and tackling the safety concerns that people have around purchasing a rooftop tent.

What makes a rooftop tent safe?

Rooftop tents can sound a little scary, but they are actually packed with features that make them very safe. When travelling with a TentBox, you needn’t worry about a thing.

This is because our rooftop tents are:


    TentBox rooftop tents are lightweight, meaning that it can go on the bars of almost any car without any damage. Their lightweight nature also means that you won’t have to struggle to get it on and off your car, which reduces the risk of any injuries whilst trying to move the tent.

    High off the ground

      There are so many benefits to being off the ground, and safety is definitely one of them. In being high up, you’re much safer from things like wildlife, theft and even just the cold ground which can make you more prone to getting sick.


        In being weatherproof, the TentBox is able to keep you warm and dry as opposed to wet and freezing, as can sometimes be the case with ground tents. Being in a rooftop tent is safer for you and your possessions, as it protects you more fully from the elements.

        Ladder friendly

          Your TentBox comes with a handy ladder for safe entry and exit into your rooftop tent, which makes it a lot safer than trying to scramble up by yourself. The ladder is compact and collapsible, making it perfect for a safe drive.

          Solid and secure

            Many people worry that a roof top tent will blow away in the wind, or become detached from the bars on your car. When secured properly, this simply can’t happen. Rooftop tents are very solid and secure, and will stay on your car with no trouble.

            Cargo roof tent in woodland camping scene

            How to maintain safety with a rooftop tent

            Whilst rooftop tents are very safe, there are some considerations that need to be taken into account. Here’s some of the things to remember when you’re trying to use a TentBox safely:

            Know your vehicle’s roof load limit.

              Knowing what your car can carry is essential to using a rooftop tent safely. Whilst the TentBox is suitable for almost any car, it is important to check the payload and ensure that it’s enough to support the rack system, the tent, your supplies and of course – yourself.

              Check out our full roof load limit guide for more info.

              Use the ladder safety

                The ladder is only as safe as you are, and many people worry about falling from height. In reality this is unlikely as the ladder is very secure and will not let you down, however you must remember to only use the ladder if you are sober, uninjured and able to pull yourself up.

                Lift the TentBox carefully

                  This tip is for the times when you’re lifting the TentBox on and off your car – normally during the set up. Make sure that you don’t strain your back when you lift, or attempt to lift the TentBox onto your car by yourself. You should always get someone to help you to reduce the risk of injury.

                  For more info on the process of attaching the tent to your car, read our quick guide. Alternatively, if you’re ready to start browsing, why not check out our rooftop tents.

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