4x4 Roof Tent
4x4 Roof Tent

4x4 Roof Tent

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May 23, 2023

Looking to get a 4×4 roof tent? Here at TentBox, we offer Soft Shell and a Hard Shell roof tents that fit onto most vehicles including 4x4s. We can also guarantee that you won’t find a better price anywhere else. Our roof top tent is made to the highest quality whilst enabling you to drive and camp in style in your 4×4. Visit TentBox for more information.

4×4 Roof Tents at TentBox

If you own a 4×4, you’re likely to venture into the countryside, on tough terrain and up steep and rocky hills as your 4×4 is a sturdy vehicle with wheels that are made to withstand the toughest conditions. Many of you that go on these adventures would bring a tent with you and stay the night in some beautiful places that the wilderness has to offer. While this is a great way to adventure, there is a better way that we can offer you…

Here at TentBox, we have 4×4 roof tents available that will fit almost all 4×4 vehicles. The roof top tent simply straps to the top of your 4×4 and pops up within a minute, as and when it’s needed; and to ensure everyone’s requirements are met we offer both Soft Shell and Hard Shell tent options.

Hard Shell 4×4 Roof Tent

The Hard Shell tent is our most popular roof top tent due to its sleek design and impermeable fibreglass shell. As you’re driving, this tent stays sleek and compact in its fibreglass shell until you’ve parked up and are ready to use your tent. If it’s a wet and windy day and you’re driving your 4×4 in muddy conditions that are spraying up your vehicle, then you can rest assured that your tent will remain perfectly clean and dry inside its shell. When you’ve parked up overlooking a mountain, clifftop, ocean or any other place that you may be, it’s time to pop-up your tent. Once this tent is erected, the 320gsm rip-stop poly-cotton canvas with an external PU coating will keep you warm, dry and comfortable, keeping the wind and rain at bay as you sleep.

This fantastic 4×4 roof tent even comes with a memory foam mattress, ladder, spongey insulation, plenty of pockets and even a cargo net above, so you can make your roof top tent a home with some fairy lights.

The Soft Shell option is just as good with it featuring waterproof fabric and the same level of comfort.

Why is a 4×4 Roof Tent Better than a Regular Ground Tent?

If you’re new to the world of car roof tents, then you may be wondering what all the fuss is about as it can offer you a place to sleep just as a ground tent can. However, a 4×4 roof tent is so much more than a place to sleep…

You could be anywhere in the wilderness with your 4×4; therefore, you may be on muddy, rocky or overgrown terrain that just isn’t suitable to sleep on. If you’re sleeping on the roof of your 4×4, it doesn’t matter where you are as you’ve always got a smooth place to sleep. There’s also the fact that you won’t wake up to a puddle of water underneath you as rainwater rolls off the impermeable roof and straight down your car!

Ever had a bug problem whilst being in a tent or even waking up to larger and furrier visitors? Being high above the ground has its benefits as you’re high above all your unwanted visitors, reducing the chances of them saying hello to you.

A rooftop tent provides better insulation and is a lot more comfortable due to the features it possesses.

Life is short, so anything that provides convenience is great to have in your life. The 4×4 roof tent offers a lot more convenience than a standard ground tent, such as the easy setup and pack up, which can both be achieved in less than a minute, whereas, a large portion of your camping adventure with a ground tent will be dedicated to setting up and packing away the tent.

Getting the Best 4×4 Roof Tent

Whichever 4×4 you have, TentBox has got your roof top tent covered; all our tents and tent products can accommodate almost every vehicle. Once you’ve got your 4×4 roof tent, there will be no looking back and you can go on those adventures that you’ve only ever dreamed of before. If you need assistance in affording your new roof top tent, we offer a 0% APR finance option allowing you to split the payments over 6 months, simply choose ‘splitit’ at checkout when you visit TentBox today!

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