Which TentBox roof tent is best for me?

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023


This guide breaks down the things you need to consider when choosing what roof tent model will work best for your setup.

You can also check out our Quick Guide for a step-by-step process to getting a TentBox roof tent.

  • Check your roof load limit
  • Compare this to the weight of each TentBox
  • Deciding which model suits your lifestyle

Check your roof load limit

Not all TentBox models are compatible with all vehicles - but rest assured, 99.5% of vehicles are compatible with at least one TentBox model.

Each vehicle has a different roof load limit. This is the amount of weight that your car can have on the roof. Your vehicle's roof load limit can be found online, or in your car manual.

In short, the weight of the TentBox model you purchase must be equal to, or lower than, your roof load limit.

If you need more help, follow this guide about roof load limits, or contact us and we'll find your roof load limit for you.

Compare this to the weight of each TentBox

Once you have your roof load limit, you can compare this to the weight of each TentBox using our handy comparison table.

Deciding which model suits your lifestyle

Working out which TentBox is the right fit will totally depend on your lifestyle and what you plan to use it for, as each model has its own unique features.

To understand the features, check out each roof tent product page for a deeper dive into the benefits of each model.

We've designed our models to suite different needs. For example the TentBox Cargo is extremely rugged, for comfort on even hardcore adventures, whereas the TentBox Lite 2.0 is a comfy, simple option for the weekend warrior.

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