Using a TentBox roof tent in low temperatures

Neill Shurville
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Jun 29, 2023


A TentBox roof tent offers a more comfortable experience in low temperature conditions, versus a ground tent.

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We appreciate that camping during winter isn't everyone's cup of tea, so you may find your TentBox taking up storage instead of embracing the change in season. However, we can assure you that all of our TentBox models fair well in low temperatures and there are plenty of snowy adventures awaiting!

TentBox Classic on jeep in snowy winter scene

TentBox vs. Ground Tent

Air barrier

A TentBox roof tent is more insulated than a standard ground tent.

In a TentBox, you're raised 1-2m from the ground, so the bottom of your TentBox won't be in contact with the cold. Heat travels faster through a solid material than it does through air; the base of a ground tent takes away the heat, but in a TentBox roof tent, the heat exchange is slower keeping you warmer for longer.

Materials used

  • Fabric

    TentBox roof tents are built from 280gsm rip-stop canvas, which is much thicker than the materials used in a ground tent. Ground tents are designed to be carried, so they have to compromise on the weight and thickness of the fabrics used in order to fit their purpose. Because a TentBox is installed on your vehicle, weight isn't as much of an issue and you'll be much better insulated.
  • Shell

    The TentBox Classic and TentBox Cargo both have a hard-shell top and base, which really helps to keep you warm. The shells provide another barrier from the cold air, and are insulated inside, preventing the heat escaping and keeping your TentBox toasty. 

Although 'tent' is in the name, a TentBox is actually more like a sleeping pod!

Recommended accessories

Winter Insulation

The Winter Insulation is great for TentBox Classic owners who wish to continue their adventures in the winter season - or for those who are particularly cold-blooded!

The insulation easily attaches to the inside of any TentBox Classic model, and creates a cosy pod to trap warm air inside. It's not only effective, but also extremely convenient - you can keep it installed inside for the entire winter season, as the TentBox Classic has no trouble closing with it inside. Click here to see how it's installed.

TentBox Down Blanket

Our down blanket is a must-have for winter adventures. The duck down filling keeps the heat in and the cold out - they are super lightweight and cosy and the TentBox team is always using them around our office. The double bed size blanket packs down into a 15cm x 20cm bag, so it's compact and easy to carry.

Check the community

We would really recommend checking out the Community Page on our website, as well as our growing TentBox Community Group on Facebook. You'll be able to read real stories of TentBox owners camping in extreme weather conditions. One member even took their TentBox to the Arctic Circle... in the middle of winter!

TentBox Classic on Land Rover Freelander in cold winter camping spot

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