How waterproof is a TentBox roof tent?

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023


We design our TentBoxes with high quality materials to ensure they are very waterproof, and you're ready for whatever the elements throw at you.

  • Our waterproof materials
  • Re-coating your TentBox fabric (optional)

Our waterproof materials


For a fabric to be considered fully waterproof, it must have a Hydrostatic head rating of 1000mm or greater. We design with fabrics that exceed this minimum, so your TentBox roof tent is ready for adventure in all weather.

Our canvas fabrics have either a 2000mm Hydrostatic head rating (1.0 generations) and 3000mm Hydrostatic head rating (2.0 generations) - so water beads off easily, just like it would on a Gore-Tex Jacket.

Our polyester fabrics (used in the outer canopy on the TentBox Lite models) have a 5000mm Hydrostatic head rating

High-quality zips

All models have high quality zips that prevent water from getting in.

Taped seams

Every seam is heat-sealed with a waterproof silicone tape to prevent water moving through the stitching on the outside and reaching the inside. This is common accross tents, and is similar to high-end waterproof jackets.

Re-coating your TentBox fabric (optional)

Although not required, for optimal results we recommend re-coating the fabric every 12 months to ensure the water repellency remains as high as possible.

Our recommended product is the Fabsil canvas waterproofer, which can be found easily online or in DIY stores.

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