How much space does each TentBox model have?

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023


Space is always a concern when camping. Rest assured, all TentBox models will provide a comfy night sleep, however it's worth checking the internal dimensions before choosing which to buy.

  • Spacious by design
  • Check model dimensions
  • Our biggest model

Spacious by design

We design all models to be at least equivalent to a small double bed, so that they provide a comfy nights sleep for two, even with gear inside.

Check model dimensions

The space inside a TentBox model depends on the design. Some of our models, such as the TentBox Lite, fold outwards, meaning they are much bigger when open vs closed. Others, such as the TentBox Classic, have the same footprint when closed as they do when open.

To see how much internal space each model has, you can either check out:

If your main concern is sleeping area, "sleeping area" is what you're looking for!

Our biggest model

If you've found this article, you might be wanting to ensure you have a large sleeping area. If space is your concern, definitely check out the TentBox Lite XL, which is by far the biggest model when open.

It's designed for small families, but we often see couples purchase this model so they can fit all their imoprtant gear inside without any worries!

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