Cargo 2.0 Living Pod Installation Guide

Gordon Fontaine
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Jul 5, 2024


The Living Pod is designed to attach seamlessly to your TentBox Cargo 2.0, providing additional shelter from rain and sun. It can also be set up in 'Wing Mode' for a larger sheltered area.

What’s Included

  1. Living Pod (in three sections: top panel, back panel, and main living tent)
  2. Camping poles (three different lengths)
  3. Telescopic prop poles
  4. Hardware bag (with channel nuts and thumb screws)
  5. Ground sheet
Cargo 2.0 Living Pod - What's included

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Unpacking the Living Pod
      • Unpack the Living Pod from its storage bag.
      • Identify the three sections: top panel, back panel, and main living tent.
      • Locate the camping poles, telescopic prop poles, hardware bag, and ground sheet.
  1. Installing the Top Section
      • Identify the attachment hooks at the top of the fabric panel with the PVC window.
      • Hook them under the lip of the TentBox roof using a ladder.
      • Use the straps to tighten the hooks.
      • Ensure the fabric slots over the gas strut and secure the neoprene fabric with Velcro.
      • Attach the edge towards the back of the TentBox using Velcro.
      • Secure the top corners using channel nuts and thumb screws from the hardware bag:
        • Slide the nut into the accessory rail, align it with the eyelet in the corner fabric, and loosely screw it into place.
        • Stretch the fabric along the accessory rail and tighten the thumb screws. 
  1. Setting Up the Poles
      • Take the longest camping pole and slide it into the sleeve at the bottom of the fabric panel from the front corner.
      • Slide the mid-length pole into position under the panel with the window.
      • Fit the shortest pole into the panel closest to the back of the car.
      • Ensure all poles are inserted into their receivers.
  1. Installing the Back Panel
      • Identify the top edge with the tabs on the smaller fabric panel.
      • Slide the top of the material through the channel beneath the TentBox and behind the ladder, ensuring the tabs face away from the car. 
  1. Connecting the Main Living Pod
      • Zip each side of the main Living Pod section to the back panel starting at the top corners.
      • Drape the fabric around and zip the other side similarly.
      • Attach the top section to the bottom section from inside the Living Pod.
      • Velcro the fabric into place, ensuring everything is aligned.
      • Secure the corners using the remaining nuts and thumb screws, following the previous method.
  1. Pegging and Guy Ropes
      • Tie the guy ropes to the fixing points if not already attached.
      • Pull the guy rope out from the corner under the left-hand side of the window, peg it down at a 60-degree angle.
      • Repeat on the right-hand side of the window.
      • Create tension in the Living Pod fabric and peg it down, starting with the front two straps, then the sides.
      • Enter the Living Pod via the side door and install the ground sheet on the floor.
      • Optional: You can open the back panel to access your car doors.
  1. Setting Up Wing Mode
    • Unzip the front panel sides to enter Wing Mode.
    • Extend the telescopic prop poles to the desired height, slot them into the front panel eyelets, and secure them with guy ropes and pegs.
Cargo 2.0 Living Pod in Wing mode

Final Check

  • Ensure all sections are securely fastened and there is no slack in the fabric.
  • Make any final adjustments to the tension of the guy ropes and fabric.


  • For a stable setup, ensure telescopic prop poles are upright.
  • The further you stretch the guy ropes, the more stable your Living Pod will be.


If you have any questions, reach out to our friendly team of Product Specialists.

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