Will Hinkins On Travelling With A TentBox
Will Hinkins On Travelling With A TentBox

Will Hinkins On Travelling With A TentBox

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May 23, 2023

We recently caught up with one of our brand ambassadors – Will Hinkins – to learn more about his amazing experiences travelling with TentBox.

Will is an Aircraft Engineer from Torquay, and when he’s not working or enjoying the Devonshire countryside, he’s finding new ways to get away and explore natural landscapes further afield. Take a look at what he’s been getting up to with his TentBox, and get some travel inspo for your next trip.

Travelling Europe With A TentBox

Most recently, Will took a 17 day trip around Europe, starting in Devon and working his way through Luxembourg, to Austria and Italy.

“The trip couldn’t have been easier – we used the eurotunnel. Even fitted to my car the overall height is still less than the 1.86m which allows you to travel in the lower height area and easily get into restricted height car parks. The car setup is an e46 bmw 320d with Thule roof racks so it was very simple to attach and carry the TentBox from place to place”.

Travelling with a TentBox couldn’t be easier. They are compatible with most vehicles and pop up in seconds. Once you’ve attached your TentBox to your car, you’re good to go!

First Stop – Luxembourg

Their first stop was Luxembourg, the country that is most well-known for being an investment banking hub, but also doubles up as an area of lush forests and wild natural landscapes.

“Along our travel route we stayed on the edge of the Ardenne forest. We found a really good campsite on the edge of Luxembourg, at a place not far from Neuschwanstein Castle and below the eagles nest (hitler’s mountain retreat)”, he said.

The Ardenne is a beautiful region in southeast Belgium that extends into Luxembourg, Germany and France. The rugged terrain provides a perfect setting for a TentBox adventure, as it’s full of rolling valleys, caves and dense forests that couldn’t be camped on as comfortably with a regular tent.

As a place, the Ardenne forest is full of crisscrossed hiking paths and undisturbed mountainous landscapes that are perfect for travel with a TentBox.

Next Stop – Salzburg

“Our next stop was to Salzburg en route to Italy, where we camped with the Tentbox in a more secluded area just outside the main city. The TentBox was really comfy and enabled us to pitch up in less touristy areas”.

Salzburg is another amazing place to venture for those looking for the perfect balance between culture and beautiful natural landscapes. The old town is set against a backdrop of steep hills and the cascading Salzach River. With mountainous landscapes only a stone’s throw away that feature deep gorges and mountain lakes, it’s not hard to fall in love with the place.

The Grossglockner Pass

Will’s next stop was the Grossglockner pass – a mountainous area and one of Austria’s most coveted Alpine paths.

“Before reaching Italy we stopped at the Grossglockner Pass – a high alpine pass full of amazing nature. We wanted to enjoy the views and travelling in the car with the tent on the roof meant that we could enjoy the higher, harder to reach locations that are in the hills”.

The Grossglockner pass is full of colourful flowers meadows, green pastures and rolling hills that make it ideal for hiking. A perfect retreat for those looking for some peace and quiet.

Quick Fire Questions About TentBox

Q: How did you find TentBox in terms of comfort?

A: The TentBox was very comfortable. We’d describe it as luxury camping- it’s never going to be a hotel room but it’s much better than a normal tent and with the built in mattress you can get very comfy.

Q: How warm was TentBox in the colder months?

A: We took a thick duvet and were able to keep warm, even with the non-insulated TentBox. We went away in October before the insulation kit was released, otherwise we probably would have opted for the insulated version.

Q: How did you find getting in and out the TentBox?

A: Surprisingly easy! The ladder was easy to prop up against the car. We stayed right in the centre of Munich for Oktoberfest and even managed to climb the ladder and get into the tent after a full day! Haha.

Q: What was your favourite part of having a TentBox?

A: The obvious plus is the way that it let’s you get away quickly and easily, but putting the TentBox up when out and about was the crowd pleaser – people always come over to have a look and the simplicity of putting it up is what people like- up in seconds and your bed is already made!

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