TentBox Owner Ian Shares His Travel Tips
TentBox Owner Ian Shares His Travel Tips

TentBox Owner Ian Shares His Travel Tips

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

Our customers love to share travel stories and tips, and this week we caught up with TentBox Lite owner Ian to discuss his adventures!

The TentBox Lite is one of our most popular rooftop tents, and features a super light tent that sits on top of any car. Don’t be fooled though, the TentBox Lite is small but mighty and folds out to create a comfortable sleeping pod for two. Plus, it comes with a ladder making it quick and convenient to get in and out of from the get go.

Take a look at what Ian had to say about his TentBox, and gain first hand insights on what it’s like to own a TentBox.

What made you pick TentBox?

My friend had a TentBox and as soon as I saw it I bought one. It was different to anything I’d seen before, and I knew that the TentBox Lite would be perfect for me.

Whether on my car or the off-road SxS Quad Bike, the TentBox Lite is ideal for trips away and fits in with my lifestyle. It’s so easy to attach to even a smaller vehicle like my Quad Bike, which is a game changer.

Where is your favourite place to go with the TentBox Lite?

My favourite experience was the challenge Coast to Coast trip away. We went to the Spey Dam in Laggan Highlands in Scotland where we fish for wild brown trout.

We set off armed with supplies from Tesco, and took a fridge with us with a leisure battery & solar panel to charge it up. With the TentBox we were able to park up right at the waterside and got started straight away.

The ease of putting the TentBox up is brilliant, it’s so easy to pop up in 5mins. Then I felt smug as I helped my mate with his tent! We had 6 nights in the TentBox, and it has been the best purchase I have made for that experience alone. I look forward to many more adventures!

What are the best bits about the TentBox?

The comfort aspect – it’s really good. I sleep like a baby all night. There’s room to fit 2 double quilts in there too, so I have one on the bottom layer and then one over me. It is paradise!

Plus, the amount of people who stop and ask about the TentBox is unreal. It’s mostly people with tents who are curious, and sometimes people in campers too. Everyone is always amazed with how easy taking it down is. It’s simple, hassle free, and looks great!

What are your future plans with TentBox?

I’m currently getting geared up for another adventure Coast to Coast for Perthshire Gundog Rescue SCIO. We’ll be doing Bonar Bridge to Ullapool to fundraise for the rescue centre. Check out the Facebook page to see what we get up to.

We’ll also be going on lots of spontaneous trips now that we have the TentBox Lite, and I think I’m going to add the awning in the future too. It’s a good addition to provide more cover when fishing and adventuring.

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