TentBox Community Recommendations: 3 Of The Best Cycling Spots In Ireland
TentBox Community Recommendations: 3 Of The Best Cycling Spots In Ireland

TentBox Community Recommendations: 3 Of The Best Cycling Spots In Ireland

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

If you’re preparing for a new adventure with your TentBox, Ireland is a great location that is loved by many TentBoxers. With COVID going on over the past year, many people have decided to make more local travel plans to avoid the risk of travel, and so Ireland has become a popular travel destination. With amazing coastlines, great hiking and cycling routes and a rich heritage and culture, it’s a great place to visit for a break.

If you’re a keen cyclist and like to explore new places on two wheels, Ireland is a great location. Plus, when you’re travelling with a TentBox you don’t have any limits on where you sleep so you can visit multiple cycling spots in one trip. A cycling holiday is an ideal travel option for those looking to do something different after lockdown, so take a look at the top places to visit in Ireland, as recommended by TentBox Community member David.

What TentBox do you have?

I have the TentBox Cargo. I love it! My TentBox keeps me off the ground and dry, and is also easy to air out when I get home on the driveway. Wet tents are now a thing of the past. I also have so much more storage space in the car with the Tent on the roof.

Why did you choose TentBox?

Tent Box is an affordable option on the market, and is minimalistic but also has that comfort element. It features everything you need and nothing you don’t which is ideal for someone who likes to adventure. You see lots of other models on the market with lights and power points etc. but they are offered at a higher price point that I didn’t feel was necessary for me. The simplicity and affordability of a Tent Box is what I like the most.

What are your top recommendations for cycling spots in Ireland?

There are so many options in Ireland! But the three great cycling destinations I would recommend are:

The Great Southern Greenway in Co Limerick

With plenty of cultural and historical landmarks along the way, as well as picturesque natural landscapes, The Great Southern Trail is an ideal route for beginners. It takes cyclists along the redeveloped line of the old railway through the countryside between Rathkeale and Abbeyfeale.

The Great Western Greenway from Achill to Westport

More of a mountainous trail, the Great Western Greenway is an amazing cycle track that takes you across the whole of Ireland’s Atlantic coast between Westport town and Achill Island. Along the way you’ll visit the villages of Newport and Mulranny (Mallaranny) as well as some of Ireland’s most incredible mountains and bays.

Waterford to Dungarvan Greenway

If you’re looking for a shorter ride, the Waterford to Dungarvan Greenway is a stunning cycling location. This relaxing ride will take you around 3 hours if you take it at a leisurely pace and is 46km of incredible views as well as tourist attractions and refreshment stops along the way.

What’s your top tip for camping in Ireland?

The Emerald Isle earns its name from the rain that falls in Ireland. All that green comes from somewhere! It’s worth investing in a water-proof tent that will keep you warm in the night so that you can enjoy your cycling in the day.

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