TentBox Adventures With Our Ambassadors
TentBox Adventures With Our Ambassadors

TentBox Adventures With Our Ambassadors

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

We’re delighted to have been able to build such an amazing community of like minded people over the past few years, and we wanted to shout out to those who have supported us on our journey.

From a start up with a vision, TentBox has now become one of the biggest suppliers of rooftop tents in the UK. We couldn’t have done it without our loyal supporters and ambassadors spreading the word and sharing their amazing adventures with friends, family and followers.

We believe that it won’t be long until seeing a TentBox on the roof of a car will be a daily occurrence. We want to continue to revolutionise the way we travel, and make it possible for more people to get out there and explore the natural beauty that the world has to offer.

We’re really proud that the TentBox Community is thriving and offers a space for TentBoxers to ask questions and share advice. Likewise, our ambassador program is growing as we welcome those living the TentBox lifestyle to share their stories and spread the news about our unique rooftop tents.

Discover our favourite TentBox stories and reach out to us to share your own. We’re always keen to hear from you!

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Learning About Life With The TentBox Lite

We love this story on life with the TentBox Lite. Spencer shares his travels with the Lite rooftop tent and discusses how life has changed now that he can go exploring whenever he likes.

“I love the feeling of just having the tent on my truck and being able to set it up without putting up guy ropes or pegging anything into the ground. That’s always so much effort and with a TentBox you literally just pop it up and you’re good to go in minutes”.

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Inspirational Journeys With Jodie Craig

We love this interview where we caught up with our ambassador Jodie to discuss her inspirational journeys with her TentBox. She shared that she travelled with her mum in the TentBox, before her mum swam the channel.

“One of the more crazy trips I’ve been on with TentBox was driving from Scotland to Dover to see my mum swim the channel!

She was bed bound for 10 years in 24 hour care, after a devastating injury left her with spinal damage. Unbelievably, she recovered and is fighting fit. She got COVID earlier this year, but that wasn’t going to stop her fulfilling her dream of swimming the channel. We travelled down with the TentBox to drop her off at Dover for her swim. She managed it and raised nearly £4k for those with spinal cord injuries – she’s amazing!!”

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Travel Tips From Andrew O’Neill

We loved sharing this story as it’s full of personal little anecdotes and tips for travelling in the UK. As a UK-based brand, we love UK travel stories and Andrew manages to share his tips for an amazing adventure on home soil.

“A short 40 minute drive to Kneep and our pre-researched campsite followed (Traigh na Beirigh) and after another easy TentBox set-up we settled down for the night. We awoke to a stunning view of Reef beach, this was a fantastic location and we were able to pick up some fresh scallops from The Scallop Shack too. When we travel we love trying as much local produce as possible!”

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TentBox Micro-adventures With Tom O’Hare

One of the things we most love about a rooftop tent is the way that it allows you to travel regularly and break up the mundanity of day to day life with a mini adventure. Tom O’Hare shares what he calls his “micro-adventures” with TentBox.

“The nature of TentBox meant that we were able to load everything into the car and embark on our micro-adventure straight from work, which was a great time-saver. We both love being outdoors and amongst nature, so there was no better place to lap up the English country than in the Cotswolds”.

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Land Rover Adventures With Rachel

We loved catching up with our ambassador Rachel as she shares stories of travelling with TentBox on her Land Rover. As an avid climber and adventurer, Rachel benefits from the ease of being able to park her car wherever she likes and pop the tent up once she’s finished a long hard day of hiking.

“We do a lot of climbing and like being out in the mountains so it’s ideal to be able to park close to where we were going the next day. We have lots of early starts – normally around 5am – and being able to head straight off on our climb instead of having to drive somewhere is perfect”

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