How does the TentBox hold up in the cold?
How does the TentBox hold up in the cold?

How does the TentBox hold up in the cold?

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

This is a question we get all the time and for good reason. One of the most important elements of any tent is that it keeps you warm and protects you from the elements, and that is no different from a rooftop tent.

Luckily for TentBox customers, we’ve spent years perfecting our models and using premium materials so that you get a great night’s sleep every time, no matter what the weather.

Our TextBoxes are wind and waterproof, so you don’t get soggy when you camp. But what about the cold weather? When it’s bitter outside (like it is right now!) will the TentBox keep you warm?

Here’s our take, and some ways to keep warm this winter if you’re travelling with a TentBox.

TentBox is one of the most weatherproof rooftop tents

We made our models so that they keep you warm, even in winter.

Here are just some of the features that will help you stay warm in the TentBox:

  • Safe in winds of up to 38mph
  • Waterproof zips so you won’t get wet
  • 2000mm waterproof membrane so that water beads off the material like it would on a Gore-tex jacket.
  • Heat-sealed seams so that warmth is kept in the tent and water is kept out
  • Insulation: you can buy extra insulation for the Classic, but all models also benefit from being off the ground and therefore keeping warmth inside.

How to stay warm in a TentBox

Number One tip – Stay Dry!

The best thing about any TentBox is that we’ve ensured that they’re waterproof. This means that even in heavy rain you’ll be kept dry. When it’s cold outside, you can’t risk getting wet because you will simply freeze!

While no water will be coming into the TentBox from the outside, the only risk is that you yourself are wet and then bring that into the TentBox. To ensure that you don’t get the TentBox wet inside, be sure to wear waterproof clothing and strip off and place them in your car before you get into the TentBox. If you can use a tarp or a TentBox Side Awning to protect you while you quickly change, even better.

This way you’ll be sure to keep dry, which is one of the essentials to being warm. Once you’re tucked up inside your TentBox you’re sure to be warm and cosy, with the high-density memory foam mattress and any blankets and bedding that you bring along.

Park somewhere that’s less windy

When you park up, think about where you will be most sheltered from the wind. All TentBox models can be safely opened in winds of up to 38mph, so they’re very weatherproof in that sense, but it still makes sense to keep yourself as sheltered as possible to keep any cold gusty wind off you.

Keep yourself warm and load up on blankets

TentBoxes are ideal for storage, so you can take any sleeping bags, blankets, duvets and extra layers that you like. Whether you keep them in the TentBox as you travel, or carry them in the car and then transport them at night time, you’ll be able to fit a nice warm duvet inside your rooftop tent.

Be sure to pack warm clothing so that you can layer up at night time. In the evening the temperature will drop significantly in winter and you’ll need to sleep in layers to stay warm. Sleeping bags are always better than a duvet as they are designed to keep the heat inside, and wearing a hat and gloves to sleep in winter is a good idea.

Choose the right gear

Be prepared if you’re camping in colder weather, and always take everything you might need. This includes flares, a cooker that can produce flame, a first aid kit and a shovel just in case you get snowed in.

Think about choosing a winter tent too. The TentBox is one of the best tents to see you through camping in the cold. It’s the perfect size to keep two adventurers warm, you can pitch it up almost anywhere all-year-round and our TentBox comes with an insulation layer and a high-density foam mattress, meaning you won’t lose the precious heat from beneath you.

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