Get Travel Inspo From Our TentBox Ambassador, Justin
Get Travel Inspo From Our TentBox Ambassador, Justin

Get Travel Inspo From Our TentBox Ambassador, Justin

Neill Shurville
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May 23, 2023

We caught up with TentBox ambassador, Justin, to discuss his TentBox experience. Justin has travelled far and wide with his TentBox Classic and has a lot of exciting plans that he wants to share with the community. If you want more travel inspiration, our community and ambassador pages are the best place to learn more about life with a TentBox.

What TentBox do you have and why?

We have a TentBox Classic – the original hard shell TentBox that sits on your roof wherever you travel. We love the quick and simple set up and pack up that it offers and the freedom it gives us to move around without having to worry about a place to stay. We love that there’s plenty of room for a bed in there and also because of the hard shell roof and material sides, it feels a lot more secure in the more extreme weather conditions. It trumps a normal tent and other rooftop tents on the market.

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How have you found the whole experience of buying a TentBox?

Amazing! We love TentBox and its products because of the great aftercare, support and the community. When you invest in a rooftop tent, you want to know that you’re going with a company who can help you through the process, and TentBox definitely offers that. The aftercare and support are amazing with every query being answered and troubleshooting being addressed quickly.

TentBox isn’t a company that’s just about making sales, they want to know how you’re doing and genuinely care about how you get on with the product. The community that they’ve built is amazing and offers ideas on set ups, best camping spots and guidance on products.

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Where is your favourite place to travel with the TentBox?

One of our favourite spots to travel is the beautiful Scottish Highlands. We recently completed the North Coast 500, offering a lot of wild camping spots, breathtaking scenery, endless hiking trails and sightseeing.

This trip also included a run to Cornwall to visit Lands End. It’s great to explore more of the UK with TentBox and explore the amazing coastal spots that are great for hiking and exploring.

Another great trip we took recently was to Lac de Vassivière, Creuse and Limousin in France for a week of wild camping in the forest. We love being out in nature and experiencing wild camping with a bit more comfort than your average rooftop tent.

This back to basics trip was completely off grid surrounded by wildlife, which offered a lovely escape and chance to switch off. We had a private beach, and we only ever ventured out of nature and the TentBox for food.

In July we also had a week of camping in Cornwall, along the North Coast. We spent some time visiting St Agnes, Marazion, St Ives, Newquay and much more. It is so beautiful down there! We particularly loved stopping off at the beacon in St Agnes. All of these places are very picturesque.

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Would you recommend TentBox to a friend?

Yes absolutely! TentBox offers amazing quality products with the service to back it. I would say they are on par with Apple quality and service which is a big compliment! We have spoken to many people about our TentBox Classic already and we always recommend TentBox and their products.

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