Discovering Scotland With A TentBox!
Discovering Scotland With A TentBox!

Discovering Scotland With A TentBox!

Neill Shurville
Last update by Neill
May 23, 2023

Our ambassador community is thriving at the moment as people share their plans post-lockdown. It’s an exciting time as we all prepare for June 21st!

For those who are uneasy about coming out of lockdown, one of the great things about travelling with a TentBox is that you can remain pretty isolated. If you want to avoid people you can easily spend your time out and about in the open air and then back into your isolated TentBox at night, making it a great way to travel with minimal COVID risk.

If you’re looking for inspiration on where to go after lockdown, it’s always great to hear from other TentBoxers. We caught up with TentBox owner, Craig, to hear his tips, tricks, and travel recommendations.

Which TentBox model

Hi Craig! Thanks so much for sitting down to chat with us about TentBox. Can we first ask what model you have and why?

It’s the TentBox Lite for us. We have it in the black and orange and it looks super cool! We love how lightweight it is and how it looks on our car.

Why you got a TentBox?

Amazing! What made you get a TentBox in the first place?

I actually saw the TentBox on instagram and I thought “wow that’s cool af!”. After thinking it looked amazing I did a bit of research into how it worked and the other rooftop tents on the market. We wanted to find a British company, so TentBox was perfect. We loved their videos on “how to” and the community they have around it. I could see everything was done “right” and that made us trust the company.

What do you love about TentBox?

It’s so spacious and comfy! When we first were looking into it we knew someone who had one so we were fortunate enough to be able to go round and check it out in person. As soon as I saw it I was absolutely in awe of how well made it was, how it worked and how big it was inside! Never mind how comfy it is to sleep in when you’re away!

Your trips

Have you done any awesome trips in your TentBox yet?

Yes! We’ve all been unlucky with travel this year and we have a small child so since we bought the TentBox we’ve only officially been “away” once. It was awesome though and we have lots more trips planned.

Our first adventure was at Loch Doon which is in the South West of Scotland. I’d 100% recommend it if you haven’t been. We went fishing there and enjoyed the water and stunning surrounding landscapes. Meanwhile our little one loved chilling, napping and playing with his dinosaurs!

Loch Doon itself is pretty cool, and where we TentBoxed was an area next to a castle which was built in the middle of the water. It goes that the castle was moved brick by brick and rebuilt on the shore! Such a lovely location with a good story too.

Post-lockdown plans

Wow – sounds epic! What are your plans post-lockdown?

Our plans are to do the NC500 with our TentBox over the summer which has been highly recommended. We want to use our holiday time to go and see the beautiful Northern part of Scotland – an area I haven’t been to in over 20 years!

But we also like doing mini trips too just on the weekends. Day trips are so much better with a TentBox. Next weekend (when I’m off work) we will be going south to find a beach and TentBox down in the mull of Galloway. The most southern tip of Scotland! So one extreme to the other Without this piece of kit those awesome day trips would be impossible with such a young child! He loves the TentBox.

Tips and tricks

Amazing! That’s so good to hear. Do you have any tips and tricks to share with our community?

Tips and tricks would be to take your time at the start. Don’t rush in – pick easy local places to go first to build up some confidence before you go on a full road trip. Sounds pretty boring but you’ll enjoy it more if you start small and build from there.

Awesome! Thanks so much for your time. Happy TentBoxing!

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