Dannii and daughter Ember sit in front of their VW campervan in the woods with a TentBox Classic 2.0 on top
Dannii and daughter Ember sit in front of their VW campervan in the woods with a TentBox Classic 2.0 on top

Adventure time in the TentBox Classic 2.0

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Jul 1, 2024

Thinking about adding a roof tent to your campervan? It’s a great way to add an extra room to your setup, making outdoor adventures even more comfortable and convenient – especially as your family grows. 

We recently caught up with TentBoxer Dannii and her daughter Ember to hear all about their adventures together in a VW Transporter with the TentBox Classic 2.0 on top.

What made you decide on a TentBox?

“I’ve always enjoyed camping. The TentBox is an addition to our van, adding extra room without having to buy a new van with a pop top.

“We can take it anywhere, on any vehicle. Just having the versatility to move around. I absolutely love the Forest Green colour, the lights inside and how easy it is to put up on my own."

Close up of a closed TentBox Classic 2.0 with trees and a blue sky in the background

What adventures have you been on so far?

“We do a lot of mountain hiking so we’ve taken it to the Lake District. TentBoxing in the Lake District is the one for those 360º views with all the windows open.

“Our hobbies include hiking, walking, surfing, paddleboarding. And this one's getting used to a skateboard. The TentBox fits into our lifestyle because it’s ready to go. The van’s already packed most of the time. Wherever we want to go, we can. Adventure time!”

Tell us about your setup?

“I couldn't afford a new van with a pop top, so it makes sense to have the TentBox on top. We didn’t need to convert the van, the Classic 2.0 sits on top perfectly, providing us with an extra room.

“We chose a Classic because we liked the look of it initially. It’s streamlined when it’s flat, and when it pops up it’s still nice and compact. It suited the van.

“We brought the new Comfort Topper, which is a God-send. Adding the topper makes our night’s sleep even better. I really want the Chuck Box next so I can stand on it to reach the top of the van.” 

Young family sit inside the TentBox Classic 2.0 in Forest Green

Would you recommend TentBox?

“I 100% recommend TentBox to everyone I know. It’s ready to go, it’s family friendly. The world is your “lobster”!

“My boyfriend’s a lot taller than me and he finds it really comfortable to sleep in. There’s plenty of room, perfect for two people.

“And it’s so easy to use. I watched a video and found it easy enough to do by myself.” 

Where will your next adventures take you?

“We’re going back to the Lake District. We’ll hike some mountains and see what we can see. Hopefully get down to Devon in the summer and see what the surf’s like. A dream destination would be Switzerland or Iceland for the ultimate views. 

“It's definitely an all-year-round thing. Summer’s always good for obvious reasons. Autumn, again, with the windows you get so many pretty views. We might get the insulation pod for Winter…” 

Views from inside the TentBox Classic 2.0

Any top tips for other TentBoxers?

“You’ve got to find a pub when you’re TentBoxing. We look out for pub car parks if there’s no space at the campsite. Sometimes you can pay a small fee to use their facilities.” 

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