TentBox Cargo 2.0 in Sunset orange on top of a VW T5 campervan
TentBox Cargo 2.0 in Sunset orange on top of a VW T5 campervan

A great addition to the adventure lifestyle

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Jul 1, 2024

Welcome back to TentBox Customer Stories! We’ve been catching up with the TentBox community to find out more about their experiences, exciting travel plans and ideal camping setups.

This week we spoke to Ian, a hockey coach and outdoor adventurer who lives on a boat in Somerset, England. He’s the proud owner of a TentBox Cargo 2.0 that creates an extra bedroom for his Volkswagen T5 Transporter. 

TentBox Side Awning attached to the Cargo 2.0 on a VW campervan


“The vision I had was being able to go to the seaside or the Forest of Dean – places I go regularly – and just be able to put a tent up in 30 seconds, and then settle down for the evening. 

“We live on a boat, and we can only go in one direction. With the TentBox, we can go anywhere! It means we can spontaneously get out there and enjoy the countryside.

“I bought the Cargo 2.0 to add an extra bedroom to the van, so I could keep downstairs for sitting and making a cup of tea.” 

The sun setting over coastal views with a green field and blue skyWHAT SORT OF ADVENTURES DO YOU ENJOY?

“I’m very much into cycling. I cycle to work every day, and when we get a chance we get out on the mountain bikes. Also paddle boarding and kayaking – a lot of outdoor sports! 

“Being able to stay overnight and sleep in the TentBox makes it an enjoyable long weekend. It’s so convenient, if the weather is good we can stay for an extra night. Spur of the moment stuff.

“The TentBox is quick to assemble, you can keep some of your bedding in it and it’s really comfortable to sleep in. Being on top of the Transporter, you get amazing views across the countryside or the seaside. It’s really relaxing and very, very enjoyable.

"It's a great addition to our adventure lifestyle!"


“This is Wally, he’s a Scottish Terrier. We call him Action Dog because he wants to be out all the time on the paddle board. He comes with me on my kayak and in the TentBox. He loves being out.

“He’s normally got a harness so I carry him up. He loves it, he sits up there looking out and seeing everything that’s going on.”

Scottish Terrier dog admiring the views from a sunset orange TentBox Cargo 2.0


“We’ve been down to the seaside at Woolacombe, with amazing views over the coastline. More recently, the Forest of Dean. We popped the mountain bikes in the van and woke up in the forest. It was a beautiful evening and a great morning. 

“The TentBox has created more space in the van, so we can use it as a living area. I can put the bike in the van and lock it up while I’m asleep upstairs, which is much more secure.”


“I decided to go for a lot of extras. The Chuck Box is really rugged. You can sit on it, or stand on it to help put up the Awning – which is also really great. It’s good quality, very simple to pull out, and it just gives that shade from the sun. It’s perfect for cooking under, as well. 

“The KitchenBox is well built, and provides everything you need to cook a meal. It’s so simple to put up, and you’ve got a place to put your seats, cutlery, and chopping board. It’s so quick, no messing. And you can quickly put it away without much fuss.

“I also bought the down blanket and the sleeping bag, which is really warm and comfortable. I’d fully recommend.”

TentBox community member, Ian, sets up the KitchenBox with his VW campervan in the background


“We’d really like to go to Loch Lomond. There’s some amazing places to visit with camper vans. I’d also like to continue my tour of the South West, starting at Woolacombe straight down to Perranporth, across to Marizion and stay down at Prussia Cove. That’s the plan for the summer!”

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