Community Stories: Catch up with Lite owner Anthony

Jun 3, 2022 | Community Stories

At TentBox, we love building a community and meeting like minded people. Itโ€™s absolutely one of the best parts of our job.

Recently we got to chat to TentBox Lite owner, Anthony, to hear his TentBox story.

What’s your setup like?

We have a TentBox Lite on top of my Green Skoda Yeti, 2015.

What made you get a TentBox?

Well Iโ€™ve been retired now for 6 years, and Iโ€™ve always camped since I was a boy.

Over the last 30 years Iโ€™ve had tents, caravans, motorhomesโ€ฆyou name it i’ve had it!

They all had their good and bad points, but I needed something more usable and the TentBox is just that – usable and not too expensive.

And the best thing of all is that I can go anywhere with it. Car parks, wild camping, stopping in laybys etc. Itโ€™s great!

Top tip: You can use the Park4Night app to find the best places to stop with your TentBox.

Who do you go on adventures with?

I normally go alone or with family.ย 

I have 4 daughters and 7 grandkids, so itโ€™s always fun! Theyโ€™re just getting into the camping stuff and my brother is a big fan too. Heโ€™s a big adventurer – heโ€™s been up Everest, but he still loves a day out in the TentBox with his bro.

What are your future plans with the TentBox?

Well, the last 3 years have been tough for everyone, but I got cancer and had to have chemo and radiotherapy so I was out of action for a while.

Weโ€™re hoping to do some big adventures now Iโ€™m back and ready to go. So far weโ€™ve done a few trips locally, but weโ€™re planning a big UK road trip, stopping off at a couple of places on the way.

We also plan to do the NC500, the TentBox Campout in New forest and maybe Cornwall for a couple of weeks.

Really looking forward to it!

Want to share your story?

If you want to share your tips, trips and plans with your TentBox, weโ€™d love to hear from you. Message us on Instagram @TentBox or Facebook (The TentBox Community) to feature.


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"The number one thing I tell people is that it is camping without sacrificing comfort and convenience! I love the easy setup / takedown that allows me to be spontaneous."

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