Travels With TentBox Lite: “The World Is Our Oyster!”

Feb 26, 2022 | Community Stories

Scotland is a popular destination for many of the TentBox Community. And it’s not hard to see why!

With stunning natural scenery, amazing landmarks and history and plenty of hikes and outdoor activities, it’s a great place to explore. Being just a drive away from anywhere in the UK makes it an ideal place to take the TentBox for a weekend adventure.

We caught up with Kerri and her partner who recently did just that.

What TentBox do you have and why?

We’ve got the Tentbox Lite, the soft shell tent.Β 

We chose it because we wanted to go away on more spontaneous adventures. We go away so much through the year and normally spend money on hotels but when I got made redundant we had some spare money and I saw the TentBox on FaceBook and was blown away by the idea.

Tell us about your Scotland trip

As soon as we purchased it we started planning our trip around the NC500, starting at Ben Nevis and finishing at Loch Lomond taking 10 days. What an amazing lifelong memory trip it was!

I’m already desperate to go back. We had some strong winds and rain as we went in October, but the TentBox held up well.Β 

We took a little blow heater with us that was perfect keeping us toasty! We booked campsites with electric hookups where we could but also roughed it on the way.Β 

What are your future travel plans?

Now we have our TentBox we plan on going on trips every weekend during the summer! We love to visit the Lakes frequently and have plans to visit Switzerland too.Β 

Any top tips for other TentBox owners?

  • We bought a thin mattress topper for extra comfort
  • We tied the ladders down one night as we were on the edge of a cliff and it was extremely windy. Our TentBox did not let us down and withstood the weather easily. But we were a bit worried the ladders might blow away!
  • In the whole journey, the only thing that let us down was the tyres on my car as we got a puncture on our trip. So checking your car before you go away on a big road trip is always good advice!

Would you recommend getting a TentBox?

I can honestly say it is one of the best investments I have made as the world is our oyster now!

We will definitely be doing the NC500 again and I definitely recommend that as a first trip.


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