Community Stories: Ali & Her Dog Midge

Feb 23, 2022 | Community Stories

We always love hearing community stories that involve dogs! With so many TentBox owners being dog lovers, it just makes sense that they take their dog’s away with them. What better way to bond and spend time together than snuggling up in a rooftop tent in the middle of nowhere?

We caught up with TentBox lovers Ali & Midge (her dog) who have recently been away together in their rooftop tent.

Tell us about your TentBox

โ€œWe have the TentBox Classic which is fixed onto an Isuzu truckโ€.

The TentBox Classic is the traditional hard shell roof top tent that features the pop-up lid and super comfy mattress. Itโ€™s considered the most spacious and comfortable of the TentBox models and comfortably sleeps two people, or one person and a dog in this case!

herd of sheep on green grass field during daytime

Where do you take the TentBox?

โ€œWe go off to our woods logging for the weekend and I often escape with the dog to the dales with a bottle of wine and my walking boots, away from grumpy husbands and moody teenagers (bliss!). We also use it in the garden if we have too many guests to fit in the houseโ€.

green grass field under blue sky and white clouds during daytime

Whatโ€™s your best memory with the TentBox?

โ€œBetween lockdowns, last year Midge and I escaped to Keld and camped on our own in a deserted field by the waterfalls. We did lots of walking and relaxed amongst nature.

Funny story – I didnโ€™t tie the end straps in properly, so on the first night in the pitch black with the wind buffeting the van there was a rhythmic tap, tap, tap on the side of the tent. I thought the American weir wolf had come for me!โ€

TentBox Tip: Keld is a popular camping location and a great place to go with your TentBox. Itโ€™s located in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, and the villageโ€™s name comes from the Viking word โ€œKeldaโ€ meaning โ€œspringโ€ and the village was once called Appletre Kelde โ€“ the spring near the apple trees.

Would you recommend the TentBox Classic?

โ€œYes 100%. I love it, itโ€™s the best thing I have ever bought myself!โ€


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