Denny’s Toyota Prius Roof Tent Camper

Apr 2, 2018 | Community Stories

Name: Denny Mann
Location: Florida, USA
Vehicle (make and model): Toyota Prius

We think youโ€™ll agree that Denny Mann looks like a pretty cool guy, who certainly seems to make the most out of life. We spoke a lot with Denny before he decided to purchase a TentBox, and we thought he was a lot of fun.

We asked Denny a few questions, and it turns out heโ€™s had a pretty awesome life!

Tell us about you:

I enjoy meeting all kinds of people from all walks of live, and make a positive difference where ever I live.

I am a performer, composer, singer and music-seeker, supports many local bands and other musicians, where ever I travels. I am intuitively melodic, seriously syncopated and skilful. Although I had some music theory training, I am best described as playing by feel.

Hailing from New England, I started learning the guitar after picking up a James Taylorโ€™s โ€œSweet Baby Jamesโ€ album and knew that I wanted to be a musician, singer and composer.

As a youngster, I sang in choir, which later helped me to be part of an interdenominational gospel choir in south central Los Angeles, that had success in performing in the United Kingdom and also be part of a Gospel compilation CD music project.

My love for musical styles and fascination of hearing the sounds of other fundamental and foundational instruments peeked my interest in also learning percussive instruments such as the drums & jembe as well as the keyboards and the bass guitar, which allowed me to be versatile in playing with various groups in Los Angeles, South Carolina, Texas, Germany and various cities in New England, with styles that ranged from rock, jazz, blues, reggae, afro-Caribbean, calypso, country & western, bluegrass and bossa nova.

I enjoy road trips, averaging 50,000 miles a year of driving and making music with other top notch musicians and singers to bring a smile to other music lovers, who listen and groove with the beat.

Favourite thing about your TentBox:

It handles well in high speeds closed. I like the double clips, both rubber and cloth. It’s easy to set up and close. The ladder is nice and light and sturdy. I like the memory foam, very comfortable. Also, it fits my Prius!

What would you say to someone thinking about getting a TentBox:

It’s the perfect rooftop tent for small vehicles and simple to use.


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